How online stores lose money because of the address on the order form

    Long time we did not understand the order form. In this issue - two errors, due to which online stores and delivery services are constantly losing money. And at the same time customers are heated.

    Forcing to choose the address from the directory

    Caring shops and courier services connect address tips to the order form.

    Without prompts, customers remember the index for 5 minutes, and instead of proud Nizhny Novgorod, they leave a limp “nn”. With prompts, everything is fast and clear.

    And everything would be fine, but prompts always take addresses from some reference books. And in any of these directories for sure, 100% do not have some addresses.

    The most comprehensive address directory available more or less to everyone is the official FIAS. And even in it, not all addresses. Especially often there are no houses, but sometimes entire streets disappear. Example - Moscow region, Schelkovsky district, p Monino, ul Gospitalnaya . It is not in FIAS, and that's it.

    A shop deprives a part of customers of the possibility to place an order, when it demands that the address be necessarily present in the directory. And it turns out not from evil: the creators simply did not provide for the free entry of the address. Like, why, there are clues.

    In this situation, Yandex.Money is doing cool. The guys suggest the address, but on the edge they are allowed to enter it manually.

    Needless to say that the tips from Yandex.Money are ours, Dadatovskie :)

    In order not to lose customers, stores offer manual input besides prompts. It is not even necessary to bother as “Yandex”: it is enough not to require strict compliance of the address with the directory. The person enters in one line as he pleases, the tips just help. This is usually enough to get a clean address. In a difficult case, the manager will simply call the client and clarify.

    Surely require street

    Often, online stores and delivery services make the field "street" on the order form mandatory. It would seem logical: if there is a house, it stands on some street. There is no other way, right?

    But, as we know, life overtakes the dream. Suddenly, behind the Moscow Ring Road there are a lot of villages, villages and other farms where houses perfectly exist without streets. We have only 60 people in our team, and five of them either live by such addresses, or their relatives live there. (The addresses below are not my colleagues, of course.)

    • Russia, Yaroslavsky district, s / b "Belkino", 3 ;
    • Moscow region, d. Kamenki, d. 61 ;
    • Moscow region, Naro-Forminsky district, Alabino village, 19a .

    That is, there are many such cases. I will allow myself to insert a quote from Alina’s colleague: “Sometimes it’s very annoying when you’re explaining a hundred times that there are no streets at all, that’s just no, that’s right at all”

    An interesting situation in Alabino. In fact, there are streets in the village, but specifically House 19a and the pair of neighboring ones were not lucky

    . Even Yandex.Money was not ready for houses without streets. If you enter the address in manual mode without prompts, the input form still requires a street.

    People who live in settlements without streets are boiling. The

    problem has been decided by the Beru marketplace. At first, it requires a street, but if you click on “Specify Address”, you can enter without it.

    It is also very convenient when you enter the address in one line, without jumping over the fields.

    And here, hallelujah, you can enter the address without a street.

    This is not without flaws: the address does not fit, the form just cuts it. It would be more convenient if the address was shown in two lines.

    If the customer wants, let him enter the address without a street. Not so exotic.

    Manual input saves

    If the site is asking for an address somewhere, here is something to remember:

    • situations where an honest, human address is not in the directory - normal and even trivial;
    • Not every village outside the Moscow Ring Road has streets with names.

    For such cases, the backup option is useful - manual input without any prompts. It is less convenient, therefore, it will be chosen only by those who have become absolutely hot. And the rest of the clients calmly and comfortably dial the address through the tips.

    For help with the article thank you nalgeon - the main thing on the tips in .

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