Inflation of values ​​on the TV screen: how to protect a child?


    You may have heard a story that has become widespread on the Internet. She was told by the father of a boy studying in elementary grades. The boy brought home a strange task: to write what the connection between the bull and the letter “A” was, asked the parent to help.

    Father began to explain that the letter “A” came from the Western Semitic language. She denoted a bull and depicted him with her mark. To date, the similarity can be seen simply by turning the capital Cyrillic “A”. The boy wrote everything down and carried it to school. As it turned out, the teacher put him a deuce, with the remark: "so as not to invent." The students were only required to guess that “bull” in the genitive case is written “bull”.

    At the end of the recording, the discouraged parent rightly remarks: “now I have to explain to my son at this age that many of the people around me are idiots.”

    The case with the father proves that even school teachers sometimes pose a danger to the child, both mental and intellectual. We cannot distinguish a child from the outside world without prejudice to its development, on the other hand, the environment can also play a cruel joke: the influence of dysfunctional children, deviant behavior, etc.

    Another problem is the influence of the media. Thanks to the achievements of the sexual revolution, video with erotic content or sexual subtext has become not only accessible, but also widespread in the field of broadcasting. Playing on the internal sexual mechanisms of a person is one of the most effective marketing moves that most advertising companies do not disdain.

    On the other hand, Hollywood has long introduced and expands the ideas of permissiveness and inflation of values. It is hard to imagine that back in the fifties, death on the screen shocked the viewer. Today, killing is demonstrated even in a humorous context.

    Sexual content suppresses the psyche of the child, which may subsequently affect its psychological health. Violence does not necessarily put a gun in your hands (although this happens), however, it underestimates the ethical criteria that have developed in children from school age, minimizes basic values.

    And if it is very difficult to limit the child from influence outside the home, then modern technologies can effectively filter the content of media information. OViVO

    Technologyis a set-top box for the TV. It connects to the Internet and generates content for each member of your family, dividing the videos received from the network database by profiles. The profile is set up within a few minutes, after which the device will gradually “study” the viewer and offer the programs that he prefers to see.

    You can freely control the information that the child reads, getting rid of violence, erotic content, promoting cigarettes and alcohol on the screen.

    Instead, the technology offers a wide collection of cartoons and fairy tales for children. The children's profile allows you to set up developmental games so that the child not only has fun, but also learns the world, broadens his horizons, gaining basic human values.

    OViVOselects only the best for children, starting from the classics of animation: Norshtein, Petrov, ending with the most modern and fun cartoons. The good-natured, colorful and fascinating, selected children's programs and cartoons not only raise the mood of your child, but also make a great contribution to his moral development.

    Due to the fact that the prefix learns the preferences of the viewer, in this case your child, and selects only the information that is more to his liking, the child not only expands his circle of interests, but also progressively deepens his knowledge in a certain area. The main task of parents at this stage is to accurately recognize the innate predisposition of their child. After all, as you know, there are no mediocre children, only inattentive parents.

    By studying your child’s profile, you can accurately determine which branch of knowledge is closer to him. Perhaps this is technology, design and mathematics. Or your child is prone to imagination and creativity ... You have a chance to recognize talents in order to make every effort to develop them. Observation of the profile will be completely invisible to the child, and he will not be tormented by thoughts that control him.

    Sooner or later, children face unsightly aspects of life. This cannot be avoided. However, it is in your hands the chance to prepare them, having formed a solid ethical and mental base. And OViVO technology will help you cope with this difficult task.

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