SAP Leonardo TV Show - live on the Internet of things, blockchain, machine learning and big data

    July 18, SAP holds an online show about new technologies - SAP Leonardo TV Show. Together with customers and partners, we will share the practice of using new technologies in business, such as the Internet of things, machine learning, blockchain and Big Data.

    During the broadcast, we will conduct a live broadcast from the new SAP Digital Leadership Center in Moscow, a virtual tour of the innovation exhibition, show stories about promising technologies and new SAP solutions, and discuss the whole process of innovation in business - from idea to result.

    Studio guests:

    • Kirill Sukovykh, Head of the Laboratory of Innovations, NLMK-SAP, NLMK;
    • Vladimir Litvinyuk, Head of Data Science, M.Video;
    • Vladislav Sarnatsky, Head of the automated workplace, Operational unit - Digital services, MegaFon;
    • Konstantin Parshin, Vice President, Executive Director of the Skolkovo Information Technology Cluster;
    • Ara Aguzumtsyan, Director of Consulting and Support for SAP CIS.

    SAP Leonardo TV Show Topics:

    1. Factors for the success of innovation - how to quickly and effectively go from idea to pilot?

    2. Internet of things: prerequisites, tasks, new business models, key technologies. Market evaluation in the Russian Federation.

    Directions of use of IIoT in enterprises and examples of projects in the field of Labor protection and safety, Energy of the enterprise, Logistics of the enterprise, Automation of retail trade.

    Experience sharing company NLMK.

    3. Big data for finance, production and commerce.

    How the face of retail is changing due to the use of Data Science and big data
    Best practices from M.Video

    4. Machine learning. About how Machine Learning penetrates business applications, about a variety of processes that can be greatly improved with Machine Learning.

    5. Practice of implementing ML-projects in business, the problem of confidence in automated solutions and the market of specialists in the Russian Federation - with the participation of MegaFon.

    6. Blockchain. Trust engine. Startups and projects in Russia.
    For which scenarios is the blockchain justified? In the studio - Skolkovo Foundation

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