Old Maps and GoogleMaps

    Someone David Ramsey created from his collection (more than 150,000 old maps) an excellent service with which you can find out what the area you need looked like a couple of hundred years ago.

    Maps dated from 1680 to 1930. There you can check out Alaska before the sale to America.

    And a lot of interesting things.

    The map looks like this.

    In order to see the old map of the area you need, click on the round.

    For example, here is a map of Moscow.

    All this beauty zooms, as on ordinary cards.

    Watch as GoogleMaps
    Watch as GoogleEarth

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    I hope we don’t put another server. Done (

    UPD I will

    raise from the comments links to similar sites

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    www.oldmapsonline.org and russian-maps.livejournal.com from dom1n1k
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