Sandbox for engineers: how best to build their training

    Hi, habrovchane!

    Are there among you those who purchased AVAYA, F5, Systimax Solutions equipment and who need extensive knowledge of installation, troubleshooting, diagnostics and analysis of the operation of protocols, architecture and maintenance of telecommunication systems? For us, CompTek's specialized training center, feedback is important: what is most important for you in training, which areas are most relevant now and how can we help? We invite you to participate in the discussion.

    The CompTek training center has been teaching AVAYA technologies and the company's equipment operation for many years. We are the only authorized training center in Russia for SYSTIMAX Solutions and F5 Networks. Based on our experience, we tried to formulate the main principles of successful engineering training.

    • For those who work with the equipment, it is demanded full-time form.
    • Effective training of engineers is first and foremost training. This is a kind of designer game on a high intellectual level.

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    • Classes should consist of the instructor’s explanations and laboratory work under his supervision.
    • The teacher should be a highly qualified engineer who has experience in real projects.
    • Teachers should have experience of direct interaction with vendors.
    • Classes should be well equipped, including constantly updated software depending on the new vendor solutions.
    • The teacher should be ready to give a detailed analysis of the problems that a student may encounter during the operation of the equipment being studied.

    • If the vendor’s solutions have been updated, the course program must also be updated.
    • During the course you need live communication with colleagues and collective activities.

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    • The training center should be ready to customize the course for individual requests of partners, depending on the purchased equipment.
    • Individual technical support of the listener is required by an instructor for six months after the end of the course.

    Do you agree with this list? What else would you add to it?

    Now we are developing new courses.

    We ask those who work with AVAYA equipment to answer in the comments which of the courses would be relevant for you:

    1. The course "Avaya Aura Session Border Controller: Connecting SIP providers and external SIP subscribers".
    2. Course "Avaya Aura Equinox Conferencing: Video Conferencing at Avaya Aura".
    3. The course “Advanced Avaya Aura Session Manager and SIP 2: Presence and Instant Messaging”.
    4. Course "Avaya Aura WFO and Contact Recorder: Call Recording System".
    5. Course "Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Unified Communications".
    6. The course "Basics of network and VoIP technologies for telephone operators."

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