Google buys Sparrow

    Open the window. Do you hear the cries of indignation? Not? Well, this is because there are not so many users of poppy in the CIS. Although, personally, I just heard the cry of a familiar poppy grower living from me at a block's distance.
    Everything is in a panic and confusion. This is something like a local doomsday. The company that made the world's best email client (according to absolutely insignificant people) bought Google. In a mailing list to their users, Sparrow representatives said that they would not finish adding new features to the mail client, and they would fix bugs. That is, we are left to their own devices.
    Android fans - rejoice! But you are not counting on the implementation of Sparrow developments. We know the habits of Google.

    In general, I'm sorry for the uneven handwriting. scared.

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