“To Drafts”

    Greetings,% habrauser%!

    The essence of the cry of the soul

    Once again, I want to raise the theme of the "Drafts" button.
    This is terrible functionality. I perfectly understand that you cannot completely remove the functionality of such a button. Everyone is mistaken, someone writes an interesting article, someone does not, but everyone knows that articles of some content cause a lot of emotions and often they result in cons of the article. The reason for the minuses can be not only the content of the article as a whole, but also individual, recklessly abandoned phrases or just the curvature of the syllable (we recall the recent translation of “9 UUU”, which has already been published and removed by the author twice).


    How, then, can the "poor" author be saved from the massive fall of karma? Is it necessary to save him at all? My answer is definitely necessary. BUT articles or questions once published should not be hidden! And that’s why, the “Drafts” button must be changed. In my opinion, there is only one way out - the “block voting” button, then the author will be able to stop her fall as in the case of hiding the article, but the information will remain available to the community.

    Side effect

    Well, where without him! Probably everything has a side effect.
    In the case of Habr, the jamb of the idea is that Habr lives on the basis of self-regulation and if it is possible to publish all kinds of nonsense with impunity, then very quickly the resource will turn into trash and will be in dire need of moderation. And so, this is not an option. So you need to impose some additional conditions. What can you think of? Well, for example, to make the button "block voting" inaccessible to a certain level of votes (or quantity).

    Alas, this is not the only problem that my sophisticated mind has visited. After the author has blocked the vote, he can edit the article and write there everything that is boiling and nothing can be done with
    to do this. The people will run to minus directly into karma, but firstly not everyone can do it (you yourself need to have something for your soul in order to merge karma to another), and secondly, discontent can be removed only once in a lifetime, Habr will not provide a second chance . Therefore, as a kind of solution to this problem, you can unlock the ability to vote for an article after any editing by the author, respectively, the threshold counter allowing the lock is reset to zero.

    Instead of a conclusion

    The “Drafts” button, of course, must be left until the article has been published, so that you can save it while writing.

    Actually, that’s all I wanted to convey to the public and the administration of the resource. I have no doubt that everyone will appreciate this article (if you can call it that) differently. And, of course, I will use the "Drafts" button to save myself if necessary.
    Thanks for attention.

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