Mysterious case in the New York subway

    Good morning, dear habra people!

    Today, on Reddit , the following, in my opinion, a very curious post appeared. I offer you his translation:

    Dear Reddit,

    I work in New York, and today a rather unusual incident occurred to me.
    I’m traveling, therefore, in the subway from the center of our city to the business district. The train car, as usual, is packed full of people.
    Then a fellow in worn clothes smiled furtively at me.
    Of course, I did not attach much importance to this, when suddenly, on the way to the exit to the train door, this same man hands me 50 bucks along with some kind of note.
    While I was opening my mouth in surprise, the man had already stepped out of the car.
    Below I offer you photographs of the front and back sides of the same note.

    Front side of note:

    Reverse side of the note:

    All day I was thinking about this note, but, of course, I didn’t understand what was happening. It looks like an ordinary square sheet of paper measuring 3 by 3 inches, without any embossing or watermark. Almost all were plotted into cells. In the cells, without any logic that was visible to me, letters and numbers were inscribed, and in the lower rows there were also some squiggles.
    Maybe in vain I paint and spread all this here, and it was just another New York city crazy, but I’m still very interested to find out if someone on Reddit has already encountered a similar situation. How many of you have ideas about what is said in this note, although there may be nothing at all.

    UPD: Now I came to my friend in New Jersey. I did not expect that this post would interest everyone here, but I see that the majority in the comments on the post write that this is some kind of cipher. Yes, this is the first thing I thought about, but I still could not solve it. Others, I see, write that a 50-dollar bill should also be some kind of special. So, the only thing that I noticed unusual on it was the number “7”, which was written on the reverse side, but how it relates to the note is not clear to me. He took a picture of her on the phone:

    The front side of the banknote:

    Reverse side of the banknote:

    In the evening I will not be here, but closer to the night I will definitely come here.

    The front side of the banknote is slightly darkened, suddenly this also makes some sense ...

    The answer to the first cipher (Attention, spoiler!):
    (This is the “Bifid code” , unraveled using this site. On the banknote - UNIX time - approx. Per.)

    Decrypted text:
    You can cut even more dough, unravel it and get ready for the meeting on July 19 at 12:00 at the counter with hot dogs next to [So-and-so (encrypted so far - approx. per.) ] cafe, you ask Mr. [Such-so (encrypted how - approx. per.) ]

    Those who have solved this riddle can be taken for the next.
    Further, the translation of the next riddle - update to the post on Reddit'e - approx. translator


    I almost finished scooping up a bunch of personal messages that came to me in the last few hours, but then, when I read one of them, my jaw dropped open ...

    The author of the shocking message claimed that he was the same shabby one the man. I thought it was trolling, but my name and surname that this man saw on my backpack were indicated there. Among other things, a new cipher was waiting for me (the old method of solving it no longer suits it). The letter says that this stranger can only be contacted through a proxy, as he wants to stay in the shade. Yes, here is the actual text of the message I received:

    From 2220944379 sent 4 hours ago:

    Subject: I - Mr. (Mr. - approx. Per.) Input

    You may not believe me, but I remember the inscription on your backpack "% username%".
    Your friends have helped you, now my offer is valid for them too. I can’t allow anyone to make inquiries about me, we’d better use a proxy.


    The answer to the second cipher (attention, spoiler!):
    (This is a “cipher with an auto-key . Guessed using this site - approx. Per.)

    Decrypted text:
    You managed to solve the message with your friends. You changed the rules, then I will do the same. July 12, 4 p.m. Look for the Blue Jay (The Blue Jay - approx. Per.) At Sixth and a half and Fifty-sixth (this is the address in New York, see below - approx. Per.) And tell him that you are the last.

    UPD1 (approx. Per.) Assumptions about the sender of a personal message (attention, spoiler!):
    At Reddit, they discovered that the nickname of the sender of a personal message for our hero when checking in an IP tracer leads to an IP address belonging to the US Department of Defense.

    This IP address in turn points to the city of Fort Huachuca in Arizona , which is the command center of the NETCOM organization (which manages and defends the US Army in cyberspace).

    And in this city there is a certain Friedman Hall , named after the famous American cryptographer William Friedman

    UPD2 (approx. Per.) Assumptions about the second cipher (attention, spoiler!):
    The Collective Intelligence at Reddit has calculated that Gotham Skincare is located in a house at the intersection of 6 1/2 Avenue with 56th Street (Google Maps) in New York . Also in the same house is the famous branding agency Leveraged Marketing Corporation of America (LMCA) . In a neighboring building overlooking 57th Street, there is a movie theater of the Guild of American Directors . An hour ago , the resourceful user Reddit called the LMCA office, introducing himself as a senior employee of the Warner Brothers studio (the creators of the films about the Dark Knight-Batman ) . It is worth noting that the guy showed miracles of social engineering.

    Here is the video of the call:

    At LMCA, at first they pretended not to understand what they were talking about, but then they gave up.
    From this it can be assumed that this entire ARG game is the viral advertising company of the new film about The Dark Knight.

    Continuation of a story:

    July 12 at about 15:30 (New York time) Reddit visitors began to gather at the place where the author of the original post was scheduled to meet with a certain "blue jay" (blue jay). Everyone finally wanted to understand what was behind this story: a recruiting agency looking for talented cryptographers, a government operation, or a well-organized viral advertising campaign. Most were inclined to the latest version - this is the promotional campaign for the premiere of the movie “The Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend,” which is due to take place in the United States in a week.
    All visitors constantly updated the Reddit'e post page in their smartphones, expecting to see new facts or commentary on the top starter. At the same time, everyone scoured in search of the mysterious “blue jay”.

    Justaround 4:00 p.m. an elderly long-bearded man dressed in blue appeared at the meeting place. An excited crowd immediately surrounded him with the hope that this was the very same “Mr. Input! ”, The author of the first message with a cipher. But this old man did not live up to expectations, he mumbled something vaguely (someone thought that there might be some new mystery in this), and the audience made him continue to move. Yes, you yourself can see how it was -
    Video communication with a long-bearded old man in blue clothes (in English):

    Everyone was already hanging their nose, about to disperse. After all, the author of the original post was not and never was.

    Suddenly, at 16:16 on Reddit, a comment by the author of a post on Reddit appeared:

    I almost arrived. Now in the subway. on line E. I will be in 10 minutes.

    People all arrived and arrived. Someone from the audience shouted "Yes, the whole Internet is offline!" Everyone was looking forward to the author of the post on Reddit. Just in case, the police arrived at the crowded place.

    Only after 30 minutes on Reddit'e there was a new comment from the author of the topic

    Came out of the subway. I am coming to you. I am wearing a Yankees cap and I have a briefcase.

    Now the crowd was at the peak of tension. Everyone surrounded a guy in a Yankees cap, but he had no idea what was going on here and went into a nearby building. People saw in every passer-by a potential post author.

    A few minutes later came the long-awaited top starter. Here is a video from the person who broadcast from the scene on Ustream (watch from 12:59) .

    His name is Ali. In his hands was a note with the first cipher.

    And I thought that ten people would come from strength, -

    he said around him and eagerly studying the note brought to the crowd

    The train dragged along very slowly, -

    he explained to the Sherlocks who had come to meet him.

    It turns out that Ali has already managed to see a photo of the mysterious long-bearded old man, who has already managed to post on Reddit. Topikstarter said that the old man does not look like the person who gave him the code in the subway car:

    The stranger was shaved bald, about my height

    Ali did not say his last name to the assembled, as one resourceful Reddit reader had already somehow digged his Facebook profile and even his phone number.

    Someone constantly calls me, repeating: “You are a time traveler!”

    Topikstarter also does not understand what purpose this is all about and with whom he should meet.

    Yes, I thought that this may be an advertising campaign. But I assure you, I don’t know anything about her.

    As a result, the meeting with the “blue jay” did not take place, as the police asked the crowd to disperse. There were suggestions that the second cipher was sent to him by someone who knew him in real life and wanted to play it this way.

    Also, Ali (later it turns out to be very vain) admitted that the sender’s nickname with a second cipher is his phone number, read the opposite. Thus, perhaps this meeting was a rally, and the second scheduled meeting (July 19) will take place.

    Photos from the meeting.

    The end of the story (quite prosaic)
    On Reddit, the author of the original post erased everything and wrote the following:

    July 13, 10:38. Today they called me and threatened not only me, but also my family. The caller said that he would reveal the addresses and names of my family members if I did not immediately delete my post. Also, this person did not recommend that I or anyone else go to the second meeting on July 19th, since nothing will happen there. This will be my last message written from this account before I delete it. I’ll also change my number today. I'm sorry we never got to the truth, but I can't endanger my family because of a few bucks.

    All comments on the translation (this is what I am doing here for the first time) and errors, please send them in PM.

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