London Underground RFID Ring

    Now RFID technologies are not becoming more and more widespread, no, they are becoming an integral part of our lives. Sometimes RFID tags are placed on the most unexpected things. It is not surprising that RFID has long been used in various kinds of travel documents. In London, for example, the so-called London Oyster Card is common, which replaced paper tickets for many types of transport. But Londoners were not satisfied with just cards, now many owners of London Oyster Card change them for more convenient use.

    A creator named Dhani Sutanto decided to create the most convenient thing for constant carrying. Such a thing, in his opinion, is a ring. And the RFID tag from his card migrated into a plastic ring. Fortunately, the process of extracting such a tag from the card is already many timesdescribed . The ring includes both the label itself and the mini-antenna. This whole system can be used to pay for travel, including in the London Underground.

    It is clear that representatives of transport companies are against such modifications (although, what, in fact, is the difference - all the same, after all, payment is made, it’s not for you to go through the turnstile using one card). But the discontent of officials does not stop anyone, and this little ring is a great example of the inventiveness of various craftsmen.

    In general, the project is not the most difficult, but the author’s imagination allowed turning an ordinary card into a techno ring, which literally opens the way for its owner. It may well be that domestic craftsmen create something similar - technically, all this is realized without hours of “get-togethers” with a soldering iron, a breadboard and optical instruments.

    Via dvice

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