The printer lived, the printer is alive, the printer will live! Canon MG7140 treatment

If an inkjet printer or Canon brand MFP happily informed you about a critical error B200, do not rush to bite your elbows to throw it away. This can always be done later. First read this text, then uncover the tambourine, and start dancing!

Our children, that's all

You can really love your printer or MFP. Blow off dust from it, fill it with the most expensive ink and regularly calibrate the print head. In the course of cherishing the timid hope that the device will serve faithfully for another year or two.

But when there are women and children in the house, that changes everything. Printing device will not help. Women's logic and the inquisitiveness of the young mind make it easy to print a dozen or two pages with completely empty ink cartridges. It turns out some garbage? No problem. After all, you can repeat this interesting experiment again!

The printer, of course, does not care, print full cartridges or empty. But the print head (PG) is not all the same. Nozzles PG, which do not receive ink, overheat and "die". As a result, stripes appear on the prints - and you can forget about print quality.
But to score on print quality is still half the problem. As a result of detecting a problem with burnt ink nozzles, the printer firmware may become furious and issue a B200 message, which means the PG is faulty. Priter or MFP at the same time automatically turns into a brick. Like, go to Jo service and all that. Only one way out of this situation is replacement of PG. Well or a printing device entirely.

The problem is that when a B200 error appears, the MFP cannot even be used as a scanner, although the scanning mechanism has nothing to do with this problem and is completely functional. This is a stone in the garden of Canon.

In general, such garbage has not bypassed me. One fine evening, the included Canon MG7140 MFP pleased with the B200 message and refused to print. It is curious that after several on / off operations of the device, it started up normally and started printing, however ... After the B200 error, before printing, the printer poured into the diaper half of the fully-filled cartridge. Agree, when the cartridge after turning on the printer becomes half empty - there is a reason for pessimism. Two printer switches on for printing - and everything, the cartridges are empty. It was not at all pleasing and even slightly frustrating. First, the ink “disappeared” with cosmic speed, and secondly, it became scary behind the printer's diapers. From such a load, he could leak at any time, not sustaining a rich tide of fresh ink. And finally

What is the problem?

Having picked out the printhead from the depths of the multifunctional device (video how to do this can be viewed here ), I immediately saw the cause of all the troubles. With the naked eye it was clear that the nozzles of the photo-colored color did not look like the others. The nozzles had extensive areas where there was no ink at all - defective nozzles could neither draw ink to the nozzles, nor throw out droplets from PG.

PG defects


I was thinking - and not to buy a new multifunctional device? But even a quick glance at the current market assortment suggested that the progress in the field of inkjet printing has not been seen for a long time and I still can’t buy anything better than the Canon MG7140, at least in A4 format. The dimensions of the A3 devices are no longer at home, and everything is difficult with the MFP. Therefore, it was decided not to bother, and millet to change the PG to a new one.

As shown by Google, at the time of the breakdown, it was possible to “order” a new PG in Ukraine for only 2500 UAH ($ 96). Curiously, but once all the multifunctional device cost me less. Therefore, the toad recommended going to Aliexpress. There I nadybal the desired print head QY6-0083 already for 930 UAH. ($ 36), and with free delivery from the Middle Kingdom. The choice of where to buy was more than obvious. But the question remained unresolved - how to print while the parcel is traveling from China?

Having gone through the Internet, I made sure that the Canon PG can be “fooled” by forcing the B200 error to disappear. For this, it is necessary to exclude from the printing nozzles with damages - that is, in my case, to exclude the photo black color from printing. Unfortunately, how to do this trick for a 6-color inkjet PG model QY6-0083 I could not google. Therefore, I took out the tape and began to clarify the issue using a scientific method. During the experiments it turned out that the interruption of these two contacts gives the desired result.

Gluing the contacts on the GHG

. Yellow and blue colors also fall out of print - but this is in principle disgustingly expected and quite normal for Canon printheads.

Some colors "disappeared", but you can print

What did I get by gluing the contacts? A lot. First, the ability to print text and black-and-white images in black pigment ink. Secondly, the ability to print the most magnificent images and photos in shades of gray with gray water-soluble photo inks. Thus, printing any documents in shades of gray, including illustrations, on the printer has become possible without any problems - which means school essays / reports and other rubbish can be printed in piles, while the new PG is somewhere along the way. Of course, some wretched similarity of color printing with cyan and magenta has been preserved, but it can be ignored altogether.

What else is important: since the exact same PG model is used on Canon MG6310, MG6320, MG6350, MG6380, MG7120, MG7150, MG7180, iP8720, iP8750 and iP8780 MFPs, I hope my experiments will be useful to someone else. Indeed, in the problem of burnout nozzles PG I am not alone, judging by the Internet.

When did it arrive

A month after the order, a box with a gas generator, similar to the original one from Canon, came from China. Head inside, sealed. But when I opened the packaging - my surprise knew no bounds. A non-native plug that did not cover the nozzles was attached to the NG, and all the insides of the package were literally filled with a preserving liquid for the NG transportation, which plentifully leaked from the device holes.

The plug is clearly not suitable for this PG.

The remains of the preservative were everywhere.

I already wanted to send an open dispute with the seller, but then I decided to take a chance and put the PG in a printer. Fortunately, the GHG was immediately recognized by the MFP and worked without problems. Printing in all colors returned to normal, and the nozzle test was great! As required ...


And yet, with an eye to the state in which the PG arrived, I expected a trick. Therefore, I waited to write to you - do not buy cheap Chinese GHGs. However, the printer worked normally for a month, another, third ... And for more than a year now the flight was normal, although they also managed to print without ink on this PG.

In general, taking into account more than 60% of the savings on the purchase price, the acquisition was fully justified. Therefore, the experience of ordering Canon PG on Aliexpress can be considered successful.

Advantages of the solution:

  • low cost

Solution Minuses:

  • a little dumb given the quality of equipment.

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