Rescue mini submarine is being tested

    In the trail of a recent publication, I hasten to share the clippings from the latest news from foreign news agencies.


    According to the news reapers, many children have already been saved and in the next two days they hope to rescue the elements of the eight remaining and the coach from the clutches.

    At the same time, a team of engineers from SpaceX and the Boring Company, headed by the notorious Ilon Mask, is testing its already developed version of the rescue device.

    Used technology of radar detection from Boring Co. and SpaceX plus drills and pumps, as well as high-capacity Tesla Powerwall battery packs.


    Thai authorities confirm that Mask’s team will arrive in Chiang Rai on Sunday. Tesla, in turn, also witnesses negotiations with the Thai government.
    Allegedly, the device will arrive at the site within 17 hours.

    We look forward to the continuation of the rescue operation and keep fists!


    This is not the first time Musk offers its assistance in resolving global crisis situations. Last year, Tesla Powerwall battery complexes
    and SolarCity solar stations were installed to eliminate the consequences of the devastating impact of the strongest hurricane Maria, who hit Puerto Rico.


    Video test with the participation of a volunteer.

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