The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week №322 (July 2 - 8, 2018)

    We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the front-end area and around it.

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    podcastPodcast “Web Standards”, Issue # 128: React is just JS, nesting in CSS, indentation system, inaccessible captcha, forget about grids in IE, formatter against viewport.
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 60 - Dmitry Rozhkov on the creation of a Senior Software Vlogger, wintering in Thailand and life in Hamburg
    podcastdevschacht podcast: Night frontend # 40 - GPC, Depression, WSD and Patreon
    podcastFrontend Youth (PED) (18+ ) ” # 55 Want to be a cool React developer - listen here!
    podcastCSSSR Podcast: News 512 - Issue # 13 (July 2 - July 8 )

    Web development

    habrWeb caching on the example of buying milk in the store
    Mobile site or adaptive layout: what is better from an SEO point of view
    How and why to test the layout
    enPublii - a new static CMS with a GUI for creating safe, fast and stylish sites
    • The enInternet is complicated (But it should not be like this) . Web development guide for complete newbies


    habrGitHub turns ... turns GitHub ... into elegant Windows 95
    • Effective work on standards - part 1: operational situation , part 2: difficult path to compromise
    enIntegration and styling guide for icon systems - SVG sprites, SVG characters and icon fonts
    enCSS tricks to make a revolution in your layouts
    enPlacing text in a container
    enClearfix: a lesson in the evolution of web development
    enHow CSS works: creating layers using z-index


    habrJavaScript basics for novice developers
    habrDeveloping your own framework and professional growth of a JS programmer
    When (and why) you should use ES6 arrow functions
    15 methods of HTML elements that you may never have heard
    enWhy GraphQL: advantages, disadvantages and alternatives
    enJavaScript variables var, let and const, explained in history

    • Libs & Plugins:
      enshepherd - a library for creating a visual assistant for site elements
      enRete.js - a JavaScript framework for visual programming
      enitty.bitty - a tool for creating links that contain small sites


    Screenshots: updated main menu of Microsoft Edge
    Google and Mozilla removed the add-on for browsers Stylish from the catalogs, which spied on users
    Comparison of the performance of different implementations of WebAssembly
    How to use Microsoft Edge to read e-books
    Specter's browser vulnerability protection was bypassed


    Is Blockchain a buzzword or something serious?
    Why many people want to become a manager and this is not always a good idea
    In the stylish browser add-on, a code has been revealed to send visiting history
    Reincarnation of virtuality and augmented reality
    July TIOBE programming language ranking: TypeScript popularity continues to grow
    Visual introduction to machine learning

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