Career steroids. Real stories

    After the publication of the first career steroids, I began to receive a lot of personal messages and letters. People told their stories, shared their successes and failures, asked questions.

    I answered them something, sometimes looking ahead and talking about new, not yet published steroids. Someone took advantage of one or another steroid, and received a promotion or income. Someone just said "thank you", someone did not answer at all.

    And I thought - why do I get all the most interesting things again? Such stories in the comments do not write, and you will think that all my articles are either inventions of the sick mind of a chronic loser, or a systematic error of a survivor.

    The idea seemed interesting to me, I asked permission from everyone who wrote to me, and I compile an article from their stories. Personal data, of course, erasing. In some places I will also insert my answers if the context requires it. Names, titles and everything that, in my opinion, the authors of these texts can give out, I replaced * with stupid comments *.

    The first


    I will share my version of profukanny elevators, if interested.

    The first. They lured me away from my * certain engineering post * from * one city * to * another city * in 2012. Two of us already moved from our office, I also went.

    During a tour of the plant, I saw many violations of the technology and immediately suggested some very drastic changes, youth, the experience of the bureaucracy was not there yet, and there was enough production. The local people seemed to support him, but after a couple of days I was ashamed that I had started too briskly, and even then my mind was enough to send to the forest, and not to support.

    As a result, after * certain events *, the office with the equipment and almost the full staff of the ITR moved to * a very comfortable country *, all who moved had a good job and received citizenship * from a very cozy country * in a couple of years: (((

    Second. Friends who advised on * certain materials * (production) decided to move from * one city * to * another *, with a name. I just died another plant, there were a few months left for the elimination and sale of metal. While we were eliminating, * certain events happened again *, and I pissed away * a rather valuable prize * and work * in a very pleasant place *.

    These are not obvious elevators.


    advised a person not to bathe and, most importantly, not to miss new elevators.


    And he answered: damn, but here it is more difficult, with not looking through something.

    The option to sit on a not very specialized job in * one city * on a relatively high salary in the industry - as much as * some there * in your hands. Clenching his teeth watching * negative changes *, increasing * costs *, the collapse of the company due to * a negative situation * and * other filth *. Something does not stick at all.

    There are several areas of production that you can try to get * good regions *, etc. Yeah, this is where I’m a cool specialist in technology that * a lot of people know *, and there will be a knockout with unconfirmed experience, with ignorance of the accepted methods and equipment, legislation. Also with an incomplete higher ...

    Or urgently relearn a programmer, there is * some time for this *. There are no problems here, from the point of view of algorithms and owl sticking to the stump, I have been doing this all my life. Only now you need someone with a bright head * a certain age * and whether it will be bright by * a slightly older age * :)

    Here's another option - it is important not only not to lift the elevator, but also to choose which elevator to enter.

    Threat Sorry, that a lot of personal, sad.

    And finally, he added: thank you, I will beat the butter.
    Good luck to you, write again and do not pay attention to gorlopanov. Most normal people do not comment, just because there is nothing to add to the good material.



    Good afternoon.

    My name is * Name *. I read your articles very carefully. Especially "Corporate Syndrome" and "Career steroids."

    Impressed not so much by the style of writing, as the hero himself, as he says what he thinks.

    Here's what I wanted to ask: how the story is autobiographical?

    Why I ask: I always considered myself to be about the same person as Sergei understood. However, comparing my career path with his, I understand that I am doing something wrong somewhere. Or do not use career steroids.

    I do not have a goal to definitely become CIO, Gen.Dir and so on. My goal: to earn as much money as there would be enough for the existence of a family, * and other personal goals *.

    Maybe you will be so kind as to devote a certain amount of your time for small tips on what you think I am doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for any response.


    I answered: It is more correct not to consider the stories about Sergey as my autobiography, otherwise there are too many questions for me.

    But career steroids - yes there, I write about real practice, mine and peeped at my colleagues.

    To understand what you are doing wrong, tell us what you are doing :) The


    * Name * answered so. First, a little about myself: I've been working as a release manager for various large companies for quite some time.

    Until recently, incomes somehow grew up (for understanding, I don’t take bribes, I live by one sn).

    However, with the arrival of the current company, growth simply stopped.

    In the end, I find myself in the category of clever sheep. There is a great desire to change this, but unfortunately for myself, I do not understand how.

    At the very beginning of my work at the current site I tried to apply Rush - they promised me that they would do everything, they even set deadlines. However, my mistake was that I had nowhere to go at that moment in time. Thus, Rush broke down and, when the management understood this, he quietly forgotten his promises.

    He did not pass with the dogs: he recorded and volunteered to do everything possible. Sometimes I even did it first (worked for a future employer) and only then offered this task. Each time something happened, then another (it could not sell the idea, then the maximum heard “thank you”, then something else). Again, perhaps choosing the wrong dogs. Maybe there are universal? :)

    Elevators, unfortunately, I do not see, although I am sure that they exist somewhere.

    Sometimes there is a desire to change jobs to some small company in order to develop there (as my many acquaintances did) and then come to a big position and with big money to a big company.

    Now * certain events are taking place *, according to which I have a great desire to take a place more comfortably.

    True, I am afraid that without your advice I will again remain a clever sheep-ram.


    I decided to go all in and answered very honestly.

    I was in a similar situation several times, when it seemed that there was no way out, no opportunities, but there was a mortgage.

    The solution turned out to be simple: stop striving, and start silently * herachit *, I apologize for the mate.

    Accept the fact that not a damn thing will come out, and * herachit *. And the main work, and something new for yourself. As a bundled layoff. To do what will be useful later, but not to keep in mind the mandatory “sale” to the current employer.

    Oddly enough, it always worked for me. * Herachish *, and everything works. And they begin to notice you again, and they want to work with you, and new opportunities open up by themselves.

    All the races that took place in my career began exactly from the state you have now. Just scored on everything and became * herachit *, without any hope of recognition.


    * Name * replied: Thank you :)

    So I am thinking in the right direction. Wait and see. Maybe some kind of "dog" will turn up, which will give impetus.

    In any case, many thanks for your time.


    But I did not let up: No, you did not understand. No need to wait, search, ask, demand, offer.

    Decide what you want to do. For myself. And do it.


    * Name * replied: That is how I understood :)

    My frequent problem is that I miss the intermediate reasoning and immediately give the final result, which is not always obvious. Therefore, the interlocutor (including in correspondence) perceives him as an infidel and comes to him only after some time.

    Here I set a task for myself - to learn to express my thoughts in such a way that listeners do not have ambiguous interpretations.


    But I still thought that * Name * did not understand me. I wrote: So in the end result you have a marker: "Maybe it will turn up."


    But the last message * Name * put everything in its place: Then maybe it was really not so understood.

    I meant that I will continue to * herachit *, and if suddenly one of my tasks turns out to be a “dog”, then everything will happen by itself.

    Third, one friend of mine in the Far East

    Hello man , Ivan!

    My name is * Name *, I have been working as an engineer at * Aichi * companies for * many * years.

    I was interested in articles under the tag "Career steroids", they describe interesting techniques that I myself unknowingly used. From the moment I joined the company, I always tried to keep the “On” mode and in many ways it helped me to move up the career ladder. During my time at the company, I grew from just an engineer to a leading engineer responsible for a certain direction.

    In most cases, my salary and position increased my leadership, seeing diligence and striving for improvements in my area of ​​work. During this time, some of the processes were automated, heaps were disassembled, where they were long overdue and no one wanted to touch them, what was to be documented before me was documented, but everyone had some ear and so on.

    That is, basically my technique for improvement was: “you stick - you get.” My only use of rush was the situation when changing leadership and expanding my area of ​​responsibility. It so happened that these two events coincided and I, having come to the new “old” chief (I knew him for a long time, but up to this point he was not my chief), asked for salary increases and other derogations for work, due to the fact that and the range of tasks expanded. At that time I was pleased.

    Not so long ago there was such a situation, it took to close the vacancy in our department, and I suggested to this place a person from another department subordinate to ours, let's say his name is * Other Name *. He is a really good specialist and our department would only benefit from this move, but in response I received: "- * Name *, and who will work there? * Another Name * we need there." That is, for * Another Name *, thus the possibility of career growth was greatly hampered, if not reduced to zero.

    After this conversation, I finally realized that I myself was in a similar situation. In fact, doing my job well, I became a difficult-to-replace person in some matters, an expert. Because of this, I will not be promoted to the position of chief. Especially with the previous manual, this situation has already happened. “You are good in your place” and promoted another.

    Perhaps this is so. But time passes, youth goes away and I would like to fuck as much as possible. On the other hand, it seems that it is beneficial for the management to have such a specialist covering a number of questions because of which the head does not hurt the authorities.
    How to be and what tricks you can try? Perhaps, Ivan, you describe them in the next series of "Career steroids" or if it does not make it difficult, answer me personally. Thank.


    I answered so. Hello, * Name *.

    In general, the answer to your question will be in this series of publications.

    I have an old article on another resource, as long as you can read it - * and here I will not leave the link, the moderators will kick it out *.

    The principle is simple - you need to show that you can also lead, and moreover, effectively. If you are a good engineer, then you will be able to manage - not only with the aegean-methods of leaders, but with system management that is inaccessible to the humanities.



    My name is * Name *, I am a novice developer * of some * systems. I want to thank you for your publications, of which I learned a lot of new things for myself, and in different areas. In particular, thanks for the recommendations of the literature on systems thinking, now began to study it. Also, thanks to your publications, I have aroused an interest in the problems of personnel management and project management.

    You have a number of articles on career development, career steroids. I suppose there are many beginning specialists among your readers (who I belong to) who are only at the beginning of their career path.

    According to my personal observations, such people usually have a lot of doubts about the chosen specialization or even a specialty, and these doubts are a kind of hindrance to any development. The relative simplicity of changing specialization in our industry only enhances these spiritual fluctuations, and the person speculatively tries to find a direction that would satisfy his personal interests / demand / monetary reward ratio.

    I understand that the weight of each criterion is very individual, but the closer they are in importance to each other, the more difficult it is to make a choice. Thus, all that a person has in a given situation is subjective, poorly formalized sensations, as well as exactly the same impressions of colleagues from their profession.

    Perhaps you have any materials on career management: literature, personal life experience. I would like to ask you to consider the opportunity to share this material, to expand the career development heading. I think many people who are at a crossroads will be grateful to you.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    I answered so.

    The main feature of our specialty is the constant development of technology. This is both good and bad. The bad thing is that there is no opportunity to study something once, and to do it all your life. The good news is that any technology, at some time, is in demand.

    But technologies for managing people and projects have always been in demand, unlike frameworks. There are always and there will always be a lot of specialists who can do something with their own hands. And the specialists who are able to organize the work of others so that they work faster and better than the competitors are always lacking.

    Therefore, in my opinion, it is definitely worth developing in this direction. But worry about the chosen specialization - no. Take any available specialization, standing next to yours, and study. The excess will not be exactly - your brain will systematize everything, will find the general and the particular, and the more time passes, the richer your inner, unique knowledge about your work will become.

    The same goes for literature. The main thing is not to find “that very book”, but to read more books. There, the principle is simple: no book provides answers to all questions. There are only a few ideas in each that you can apply right now. And there are ideas that you can apply in 10 years.

    Therefore, you just need to read. And when you meet a task, for the solution of which a book can help, you need to apply this knowledge. That's all.

    Fifth. Interesting longrid

    Hello man, Ivan! My name is * Name *, I am a quality manager. Thank you for the cool blog. You write really cool and about the right things. Unexpectedly to meet the person of "business programmer" in the ranks of programmers. And indeed, the ideas about which you write - Deming, Juran - these are simple things that, I believe, can bring any "sharagu" to the top level.

    Sometimes it starts to seem that everyone around doesn’t understand the essence, and here I’m just me flitting through, enlightened, how everyone around can not understand such simple things =). I learned the specialty “Quality Management”, which is cool for me, but in all this information flow, which was poured during my studies, I had to filter and assimilate what was really needed.

    Only now I understood what marketing is in its real form, not in books, in studies, but in real life. They gave a lot, but superficially, funny after “Network and Computer” to go into accounting, and after electrical engineering to the world economy. They gave a lot, but as I see it now at least, to come to any department and talk, if not on equal terms, but at least be in the subject, but it was scary to hear from people in the 5th year “And I don’t understand who I will be and what I need to do ".

    This allows me to be away from the eternal conflicts and assessments, who works more for everyone - accountants, economists, industry, lawyers, office, etc. From the side it is clear that everyone works, but work on a functional basis, there is no process, people do not understand what the ALL system is made of, and their contribution to it, everyone thinks that he works for everyone, the rest are kicking ...

    I started as * some kind of position in quality management * there was a good site, his admin Roman Ozeransky, by the way, is very similar to you, only he calls himself a “pensioner” only criticizing the other participants of the “Quality Managers”, who create paper QMS ruin business and are unable to build working systems s. In the same place, by the way, I met an amusing and precise classification “Dumb singer” and “Reckless Creator”. Want to read.

    My “finest hour” in the organization began with a state of emergency in production, I suggested upgrading all dangerous machines as safe, introduced real (not formal from the point of view of the law, when I signed and everything, we are not responsible for you) instructions and work instructions with equipment, how not to break it and not lose fingers. It so happened that he had taken on himself, in addition to the real one, also formal paperwork with instructions on TB.

    Then there were delusional ideas of teaching all ISO standards, in time it was relieved.

    Then I read about the TWI method (training within industry - the American method for training production managers - masters). Naryl initial information, translated, adapted techniques for us - there are three of them: training for work - how to quickly and correctly train workers, improvement, improvement of work - a set of simple methods for eliminating losses in processes that have manual labor and displacement reminds the elimination of 7 types of losses, and working relationships - how to build relationships in the work team, give feedback and motivate hard workers.

    All together, this constituted a training system for production managers, covering 3 out of 5 of their responsibilities (to know their work, to know their duties and responsibilities, to be able to train, to be able to improve work processes and to be able to build working relationships in a team).

    The technique was just a bomb. Of course, for those who followed her, and did not come to sit out in class.

    Then the owner ordered the consultants from * one well-known institution * annual conversion program. There I found my place as an administrator * of certain entities * (a team of 3-5 people, possessing all the necessary powers to solve a specific problem). At the first stage of diagnosis, it was possible to pull the head out of the ass and use consultant-facilitative methods to pull out 250+ potential points of improvement - organizational problems, scatter them into blocks, determine the order of the solution, separate the problems from the consequences, etc.

    In essence, for each unit, such a team of specialists and managers is needed, which in 2-5 meetings should solve this problem. I was an administrator there - essentially a secretary-machinist, who records all of the above, distributes tasks, and monitors implementation. But in this way I got access to the discussion of the most acute problems in the company, and was able to actively participate in solving them, took a lot of myself, conducted interviews, helped those responsible to solve them.

    In time, I became a sort of Jarvis from Iron Man.

    I know all the problems in the organization, who does what, enter into any department.

    And then I realized that everything was wrong. You can't be a good guy for everyone. It was impossible to do for others their work on transformations. For them, this is an elective, an additional burden that has adapted not to them, but to the owner. And here I am ready to help, explain, explain.

    So the transformation turned out to be “stalled”: there were 250+ problems, 200+ remained, it doesn’t matter, people don’t want to change anything.

    Cross-functional barriers still stand. There was a case - I came to the production (I work in the office), I talked to the men, and they began to drive me, as they work the most, and in the office there are parasites, who scoop them at their expense.

    And such stories are heaps.

    Good for everyone.

    Tried to learn tqm, twi to implement 8D.

    Most of the time was focused on linear production workers - taught them a process approach, methods of improvement, etc. Now of course I understand - not their level, they will work in the system in which they were placed. The production manager is not able to build this system. And I could not say in time that he is in the management of ZERO, although he is an excellent specialist. He helped him, did his work for him, justified him before the leadership. And, in general, once again a good guy. Who knows, could and sit up, probably.

    Then another guy appeared on production - a careerist. Immediately he began to tap the authorities, who does not do what, executed, or rather poured into the ears, which he carried out several of those projects that the authorities wanted so much.

    In general, normally settled, raised credibility. I gradually remained out of work, so to speak, for friendship with the boss (he remained the leader, only a new level of management appeared, a “layer” between him and the leadership, in the form of that same guy). And I was declared a retrogradom, so they say, we finally began to move in production. Here are just the gloss of everything external, and you will not explain what, by introducing a new element into the system, which is alien to it, another layer, does not lead to anything good. But people want to listen to good news).

    Well, all my projects were, as I already understand, directed not to that level, in words from the authorities approval, but in practice - they do not need to fuck it up. Neither processes, nor indicators, nor work with inconsistencies.

    Now I have been working here * for several years *, on the one hand - yes, I know the whole organization from and to, I can and I know how to solve many problems. But the owner and director are treated as * the lowest level of quality management *, the support function for accreditation to be, an ISO certificate hung on the wall.

    Several times in a conversation, "you are not an expert in this matter, let the experts do it." Well, yes, and crap again.

    I myself have always divided the work into support / development, and if earlier the ratio was 20/80, now it is slipping to 80/20, and everything tends to 100/0.

    There are ideas what to do, but for some reason I don’t want to once again say “yes, do”, but in fact “you are not a specialist”. I used to feel that any initiative was supported, I could get any resources, now the distance with the Managers is growing.

    Do you think it’s worth catching something here, or entering the labor market, looking for the place where such skills are in demand and there is an opportunity to be realized in the function “development”? I do not want to slip into the category of unnecessary add-ons and paper formalism, and even ISO this year is a mistake ... it is not clear who needs what a certificate to have.

    I feel the strength to change the system, but increasingly there are excuses “No one needs, but I don't care,” how do you fight this?

    And yet, maybe it’s easier and faster?


    I read it straight. I did not immediately think of what to answer. But after a couple of days, he was cringing.

    A small digression - your message is 8 thousand characters, it is almost an article. If you break into paragraphs, add headings, remove the mention of me, then you can * publish *.

    Depends on a situation. I have been like this many times. The main thing that I learned for myself is to beat the dick for everything, and work for yourself, for your goals, for your experience within the organization, regardless of this attitude. Attitude is always relative, that's why it is called so. It is a moment. Yesterday it was good, today is bad, tomorrow will be ... God knows how.

    The best thing that I did in the work, I did, being in the same situation. Going to quit, persecuted by all - or, more precisely, not taken. Well, how about you. Yes, there are some past achievements, but no one will remember them for many years. We must move on.

    By the way, I tried to present this approach in the article “Dismissal Kit”. I do not know, it happened or not.

    For example, in one of these situations, when no one was listening to me, I spat on everything and introduced scams in my department. And then, after some time, the director got carried away with a scram, and remembered me - I returned to the top again. I, like, wrote about it in elevators.

    In general, the situation in which you are - ideal for development. Because no one expects anything from you and, accordingly, no matter what you do, you will be able to exceed expectations.

    Plus, you have in your hands something that almost nobody has - knowledge, understanding and skills in quality management.

    The man

    * Name * wrote a long, interesting answer.

    Thanks for the answer, I really waited very much) I don’t want it to be “winding up my snot”, if it is annoying - please tell me at once). It is really interesting to have a dialogue and, most likely, it is an attempt to understand oneself, and your example helps coolly, you find yourself and others, both positive and negative, in different articles. Maybe what the hell is not joking and publish, like a blog - in which describe what's done, what I'm doing. For myself, it is probably useful to decompose the shelves.

    About the set of dismissal - 100% to the point, I determined for myself at the very beginning of my work how to “work not for salary” - for knowledge in business, communication skills, ability, vision of the situation. And the approach actually worked, getting pleasure from such an expansion and the income itself (bonuses, when no one gets in the crisis year, salary increase at the time of the moratorium during the transformation). Feel "on the wave."

    But the reverse situation - when he came to ask for a raise - was a refusal, because, it seems, he always intervened in any movement.

    So, on a volunteer basis, got into 2 projects “for development” - * the first big project *, and * the second big project *, the experience is enormous, the exhaust for me at the moment is only intangible, since the results have not yet been obtained, and much depends on the owner, who chose the position “do not rush - the process is more important than the result, no one has such a product on the market, and we can get at the output not what we expected at the very beginning, in the course of the search come across something new. "

    Starting a conversation about promotion now - I don’t know, it seems to me not the moment.

    On the other hand, you look at people, speak openly - this is only for a fee, this is only in the relevant position, and also works =)

    Specifically, here now passes another so-called. * strategic session, let's say * - questions of the structure of the organization, goals for the year, plans. Previously, always was and actively participated - now once again by. Heard casually mentioned a question, it is necessary to solve, and I submit to whom !?

    In general, I will work for myself, I’m afraid only to fall into the trap - if I’m still upgraded, I won’t be able to find an offer later, at least in that initial specialty “MK”, and I’m not going to be an “ionizer” myself.

    And so your recent post inspired such a project, I will call it "tech support". There is a * team of specialists * and servers are attached to them, * many * slave. stations and all this taking into account geography from * left * to * right *. Guys and 1c sawing, and the network pulls, and video surveillance. Well, in general, all-all-all. And besides, parallel IT projects for the owner, like a corporate messenger, an interactive customer card, an e-trading site, and others. Really cool in our area a man thinks about such things!

    So, the gag that these guys cannot be distributed amongst the “Support” functionality - “Development”, then one thing, the other, then in turn, then in combination, you know, they sew up, when the server crashes, or if the accounting department doesn’t converge - there is no time for development. Well, communication inside suffers - there is a hardworking pragmatist (to make it not painfully embarrassing), there is a careerist (to pass and report to the management faster). Sometimes the same things are done in parallel, in isolation, it happens one after another to clear up things. And users with their problems (sometimes quite stupid, like come to the printer cable, pull the plug-in).

    My idea - I want to help them free up time from technical support. The plan is simple - I issue tables, I make sure that every address, topic and time are recorded. I collect data, statistically analyze / structure. At the exit, I want to get statistics on users, problems, perhaps periodicity. No, I know what, but surely it will be.

    And then in each direction: so users often don’t know how to deal with * some equipment * - fuck them all the time, explain to me, I as a third-party user can deliver in simple words, finally remove the video (visualization and training - that I'm good at it). They removed everything from you, they transferred it to users. All profit and you and the company, and users.

    They're driving themselves into the role of a squirrel in a wheel, I understand the reasons for 2:

    - they cannot / are able / manage to shift (train, really explain) users that you can do this thing yourself.
    - they don’t want (well, one thing for sure) - because if only you can, all the king and god. Self Importance.

    I just need statistics from them. And explain 1 time those things that I can not understand. Everything.

    With such information go to the owner of the success of "hedge." That scored such statistics. Here I can and I want to do it.

    For the company profit:
    - I will release the resources (IT engineers)
    - problems regarding those. support quickly solve learn.
    - users voluntarily-forcibly raise the competence (heard such a thing as a law of diminishing marginal utility in training: conditionally, over time, new trainings of specialists in their specialty give less and less benefit (for example, salespeople), but if they make manual reports in the same Excel and spend time on it without using functions / macros / pivot tables, etc. chips. It is very inexpensive to teach them Excel, spend time on it, they will be much less, freed up time can be spent on immediate duties. Faster, easier, cheaper, more efficient than sending the next mega-guru-sales training).

    And throughout the organization: the problem of technical support = specialist does not work + engineer spends time.

    This is the first stage. Find 20% of simple problems, speed up due to the easiest / fastest / cheap.

    Further, it is possible and internal communication, some logs of work already in the department to enter, clearly separate the functionality. While I don’t want to go there, I’d have to do the first stage first.

    What do you think is a good option for hedging?

    Most importantly, thanks for the article, only thanks to her I found such a layer of work, in any case I will do it! I would be very grateful for the answer and, if you don’t mind, I’m going to ask for expert opinion sometimes.


    Well, I mumbled something in response to the organization of technical support.

    On technical support I agree, you need a statistics of appeals. The main thing is to do something with this statistics.

    I did two things:

    1. Recorded the time to service each user, then to show the cost. Sometimes it was a significant amount, forcing you to think about the competence of a particular person;

    2. The most common problems to automate. For example, with the help of autotasks or data verification, since we are talking about 1C.

    As a result, one person coped with technical support (the most low-skilled), and it took half a day, the rest of the time he solved development problems.

    Well, the sixth, on tasty

    This person wrote to me after the publication “About one guy”.

    Absolutely life story, here at the very one in one, only the final is different, 10 years have passed, and I have not left anywhere.

    Started 1c programmer. 10 years without a change of position, but with absolute power at the expense of a complete blank card of the owner. There were funny cases when a new person came and didn’t immediately understand how some IT pros suddenly put in a pose, but everything got used up in time, the people of the creature are quite flexible.

    Now executive director. At the same time - everything is on his own. Only the schedule has changed to 12 x 7 :)

    A bunch of projects implemented: 1c, web, workflow, a system for clients. Shel always from the needs of the business, if he felt that the business would benefit from it, swore right up to the owner, dismissed, hired, scolded, threatened, persuaded, encouraged, even once managed to change a person's consciousness.

    Without the support of the owner - this of course is impossible to do.

    And here the key point is motivation. It must be wild - there must be thirst, to get involved in a fight, otherwise you can quickly become rotten, or even the owner will rot. But everything is real, I personally succeeded. Believe it or not (c).



    Good evening, Ivan!

    From time to time I read what you write, I decided that it was time to say thanks :)

    Very impressed with the image of Sergei, it delivers directly - I read with pleasure every time.

    And a special thank you for the cycle about career steroids) I am a student and it so happened that I recently got an internship in a rather large company, and it was quite interesting that yes, both in terms of climbing the career ladder and getting all sorts of material profits :)

    Despite the fact that nothing from what you described there was a chance, I understood the general strategy as “to be useful and to demonstrate this in every possible way to the authorities of various stripes up to the owner” and I still act like this))). Having shown some initiative, it turned out to be done by myself what can, probably, with a tension, be called a career steroid)).

    The story is as follows: without going into details, I will describe it this way - there is * some substance *, according to the experimental conditions * this substance * must be kept at a certain temperature * for a long time and you should look at the readings at certain intervals. What would seem to go wrong here?)

    The temperature needs to be somehow maintained. And here is a stove. And there is ... a thermometer. And here you are looking into a thermometer, oh, the temperature is higher than * a certain * - the oven is cut down. Oh, it fell - the stove cut in. Come on, working hands for this monkey job were - and the scientist is sitting there who needs to write a report, do some mathematical calculations based on the readings, process the results, build schedules ... and he switches the heater)))

    I, as a programmer (hobby), seeing such an absolutely same-type action with a clear algorithm as a pancake could not tolerate such non-automated mockery of a person)) In short, such a garbage to engage in desire actually burned, so I thought with someone and went and suggested an idea - assemble a simple thermal sensor and close the furnace on it, so that it would simply open the circuit when the temperature is above the set value and turn on when it is lower than it, and thus the oven would cut itself in itself.

    Here the main thing was to describe why this is necessary and besides, it is better to immediately come up with a ready-made prototype (because when I tried to explain without a copy, I asked questions about how it works, and since I am zero in electrical engineering, I just promised to help my friend to collect and show that where what contact to connect, then explain the mechanism of work has made some difficulties and the matter dragged on) - it turned out to be easier to show in practice than to explain the theory.

    Well, the stove. So they, using every day Excel to process the results of scientific research, consider the simplest (and yes, again the same type) things for some reason manually almost every day! It was even more cruel for the delicate soul of the programmer than to pull the handle on the stove. And it’s not stupid people at all, they will be smarter than me, and even two times more mature, just ... it never occurred to them somehow that it could be so, xs))

    In general, under this case, I zafigachil beautiful Excel with instructions where to write two numbers and where to see the result of the calculation. And, of course, he presented it to the public - in particular, to his head.

    The bonuses are the following - after the internship, the prospective employee should * not have a very high qualification *. Further transition to * higher qualification, then more and more * ... All this is accompanied by certification or examinations, well, shorter than a competency check. At the end of the internship, I will immediately have higher qualifications * without any appraisals. In addition, the interns do not qualify for the New Year holidays award, but I was still allocated some funds, obviously not least for official zeal)).

    In general, why am I writing this story: I suppose that this is not only a trouble of this place, but in general, at least Russian companies, may not be everywhere, but for sure my case is not an isolated one. And there are many places where it is possible with small means, but at the right point of the application, to do a good job and not to go unnoticed :) In your cycle, it seems, there was no such plan of action ... It was about unmet desires, but it seems that there wasn’t even and generally not somehow existed, but the obvious solutions that you just take - and make it, and there will be happiness for all))).

    Maybe you use this story somewhere later, well, or at least it will be a feedback, thanks, or else I saw your comment somewhere, they say, no one writes what the people changed from what they read what you described . Keep writing!

    Oh, one more thing

    I forgot. I read quite a lot - mostly technical literature and, um, well, shorter than the scientifically popular category, and over time I have formed a text utility / interestingness ratio in terms of 1000 characters. And then you know, it happens, like the book is useful, but at least kill - 2k pages. Or 500 pages for 10 theses.
    Here you have this odd factor that really goes off scale (which is why I am so delighted), briefly and to the point, in an interesting form and with clear examples where and how ... I really like it in general).


    I answered so. As for utility, there is a big difference between a book and an article. If you take any book, and ask the author to make squeeze, you get a beautiful, useful and small article.

    But no one will publish the article, and therefore the author will not make money. Therefore, "gaining volume." I think it is worthwhile to treat them indulgently - they have a lot of external requirements.

    And your example is excellent. The main thing now is not to dwell on it. There is such an effect - I made a small leap, and you think that this will continue, of course. If you do not make new jumps, do not cease to amaze, then you will soon be forgotten. It was not me who invented it - just one of the readers wrote his story. He did, did, then calmed down - and he was forgotten, while the other "steroids" went around. Now does not know how to rise again.


    There were still a few people. Someone did not answer, someone decided that his story was unworthy of publication, I had time to quarrel with someone.

    Agree, real problems, emotions, moods, stories, successes and solutions are much more interesting.

    And career steroids will continue, there are still many.

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