Larry Page lost his voice

    Last week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt announced that CEO Larry Page will not speak at the I / O conference and two other events, including a conference with analysts about the results of the second quarter next month.

    Schmidt said that Page lost his voice, wishing him a quick recovery and joking that, according to Sergey Brin, this problem will make Larry a better CEO , because he will have to choose his words very carefully.

    It would seem that, well, a man lost his voice - you never know what could happen. However, according to The Wall Street Journal , investors were seriously alarmed, which contributed to the fact that Googlesaid nothing more about Page's problems. The lack of detail has created a rumor on Wall Street that he could have a serious illness.

    Page himself wrote a letter to employees on Thursday that there was nothing serious with him and that he would continue to lead the company.

    “We have no reason to believe that something serious with Larry, but we find it strange that the company has already ruled out his participation in the conference on the 2nd quarter, which is likely to take a few more weeks,” wrote a stock analyst at JP Morgan Doug Anmouth in a note to customers. He added that this could raise questions from investors.

    Anmouth also noted that Paige, who regularly posts links and notes on his Google+ page, wrote nothing there since May 25th. However, Page yesterday wrote the first message from that moment: about the Turing machine on the Google homepage . Susquehanna Financial Group

    analyst Herman Loing said he began to receive calls from investors asking if they should be worried. “Yes, perhaps a little,” he said. “Let's hope Google provides us with fresh data.” The anxiety was so strong that WSJ

    he even began to analyze Page's voice: he is usually a little tense, creaky and hoarse, and on a 20-minute recording of speech last month in London, you can hear that Page stopped several times to swallow before continuing to speak, but, they say, it’s not clear whether this is a symptom of his current problem.

    The Google I / O Conference for Developers will be held from June 27 to 29. The conference on the financial indicators of the second quarter was not planned, but last year it was held on the second Thursday of the month, that is, this time it can be held on July 19.

    Page's expected absence at two events of this magnitude will look "very unusual," experts say. “It's hard to imagine a CEO missing so many things if he doesn't have a serious problem.”

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