Windows 8: Designing Interfaces

    In continuation of the topic of preparing MSDN for the release of Windows 8, I would like to note another portion of useful materials. This time, documentation on interface design has been compiled. The recommendations and guidance on how to plan all the scenarios for using your application, how to design an interface, specific examples and much more are given.


    Application Orientation
    User Options
    Application Functions
    User Interface Development
    First Impressions
    Design TestingNavigation Templates

    Touch screen interaction
    Designing a command interface
    Recommendations for user interface interaction

    Depending on the application theme

    Creating games
    Developing entertainment applications
    Designing news applications
    Developing high-performance applications


    Designing animations

    Interface design examples

    Redesigning an iOS application into an application for Windows 8
    From website to Metro style app

    Stay tuned. INWindows application development center will soon be published a lot of useful materials.

    Good luck!

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