What we read in June: news about Angular, JWT, blockchain scandal and a bit of zen

    Because of football, the amount of reading has somewhat decreased, but I had the opportunity to dilute the traditional selection of useful links about Angular with just a curious reading fancy for the weekend, which also slipped and was discussed in our corporate Slak. This is Pulp Fiction - a scandal with Tezos, JSON from Netflix, non-binary computers and Zen programming.

    1. Let's start, as always, with Angulyar

    Angular Sticky Header

    Sticky header on rxjs with animation (this is the one that climbs when scrolled up, and disappears when scrolled down). A good example of the simple use of rxjs.

    Guide to dynamic animation in Angular

    A little story about using `@ angular / animations` on the example of animating a route change with configuration in runtime.

    “Although I am well aware that this problem (animations in the Angular NgRx Material Starter project on IE and Edge browsers) can be solved by rewriting the layout with simplified css, laziness also sometimes brings fruit ... For example, it leads to the development of a patch that disables problematic animations in appropriate browsers, and in the future this patch can turn into a full feature! ”

    Angular State Managment - Don't Fear a Boilercode

    An excellent article for those who use a redox-like state management on how to simplify a bunch of boilercode and hide the library used from consumers.

    “I don’t think that it’s a matter of a template code (boiler code). Sometimes it's just a lack of a clear division of responsibility. Lack of clearly marked "smart" and "stupid" components. Poorly structured or just too big for one container state. Complicated subscriptions within components that combine multiple Observables. Well, all sorts of stuff from above. Add routing to this state and suddenly:

    Making a basket in Angular with Akita

    For lovers of all sorts of specific things, another state management for an angular based on entity ( github ). The thing itself is quite specific, but this article shows a real example of use for those who are interested.

    2. PHP Break

    Five minutes PHP # 33
    An interesting podcast about JSON Web Token (JWT), plus a good selection of related links in the release notes.

    3. Promised reading for the weekend

    Ten Zen Programmer Rules

    Suddenly a great article with click-title. Rather philosophical than practical. And very controversial - but this is just her charm!

    “Work twenty years to become a partner in the company?” Why not work in full force simply because it is a pleasure? Hard work can be a pleasure. “A day without work is a day without food,” says a Zen proverb. No need to wait twenty years to be happy. You can be happy right now, even without being a partner and not rolling on a Porsche. ”

    The developers who have not experienced Zen, by the way, also live quite well .

    Tesos: a love story, a horror story. Inside the biggest crypto world scandal

    A very long and ambiguous article, useful, nonetheless, for some understanding of the blockchain's internal cuisine. The author clearly sympathizes with one side and demonizes the other, is sometimes confused in the testimony, could sort things out (the canton of Zug as the Mecca of ICO), something clearly eludes him, and he gets off with general phrases like "it is obvious that." But still, this is the main (for the time) reading of this year's cryptocurrency.

    “Meanwhile, the value of the remaining crypto assets of the fund has passively doubled to more than $ 400 million. In a few weeks, the entire Tezos Foundation, as the documents later show, will consist of three directors, zero employees, two suits from former employees, and open hostility between people with intellectual property rights. ”

    Unforgettable Lessons Learned from 100 Dreary Conferences

    A short text with three very useful ideas that the author (designer, but useful to all) made from conferences. It would be possible here to describe them all, but it would be dishonest in relation to the person who sat through hundreds of dull events. But I cannot fail to put one in the quotation:

    “The speakers at the conferences confidentially share the lessons learned from their own successful practices. However, what worked for them is just ONE OF the paths, not the ONLY one. Your path may be completely different, and this is cool. Few reached the top by copying other people's decisions. ”

    Life to the binary system

    A fascinating insight into the history of non-binary computers, not limited to the ternary. Pulp fiction on the Saturday before football.

    “Other versions of the 2 out of 5 system are better known because they are used in barcodes. POSTNET (the old American mail barcode system) used the sequence 0, 1, 2, 4, 7. It offers a more elegant solution to the problem of representing zero with two bits: 00011 (4 + 7), which otherwise would give an unacceptable number of 11 ".

    Growth Engineering at Netflix - accelerating innovation

    A slightly watery article telling you about the device registration procedure Netflix. A few years ago, she would have been very useful to us - it means that now it may well be useful to someone else.

    “Growth Engineering dominates business logic and protocols, which allows you to build light and flexible applications for almost any platform (iOS, Android, Smart TV, browsers). Our services communicate through a special JSON protocol over HTTP. The protocol is stateless and provides the minimum necessary set of primitives and agreements to achieve rapid development for any platform. ”

    Well and traditional - we are always looking for cool developers !

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