Open testing of the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 software version (alpha), with the Live Stream function, has begun

    We invite everyone to take part in testing the new version of Torrent Stream software

    What's new?

    New feature added - Live Stream!

    This function is designed to organize high-quality live broadcasts on the Internet, in the Live Stream mode (live broadcast).

    What is special about this?

    The comprehensive Torrent Stream solution, through the use of peer-to-peer technology, now allows you to organize not only high-quality AVoD services (audio and video on demand) on the Internet, but also organize live broadcasts in 720p and 1080p format at low cost (The concept of “high-quality” - this, Full HD + stable stream, at maximum speed for a user’s Internet channel)

    Creation and maintenance of the AVoD service and live channels on the basis of Torrent Stream technology allows to achieve cost savings of up to 99.9%, in relation to all OTT (Over the Top) solutions that use a centralized data delivery as their basis.
    And a little PR: Today, Torrent Stream software surpasses in its implementation and functionality all existing analogues in the world that use peer-to-peer technology and in particular the Bittorrent protocol when organizing AVoD services (you can check how the technology works for VoD using the P2P extension YouTube), therefore we are confident that we will be able to present the Live Stream function at the proper level and we hope that our implementation will open new opportunities for many and take live broadcasts to the next level on the Internet.

    Software installation:

    1. Uninstall the previously installed version of Torrent Stream software (for those who already have Torrent Stream software installed) Instructions for reinstalling the plugin

    2. Download and install the test version of Torrent Stream software 1.0.6 Full (for Windows only now)
    Direct link to download or " download via torrent "

    Test No. 1 Full HD (1080p) video codec (h264 / AVC) audio (AAC), bitrate up to 9 Mbps !!!

    Attention! To participate in test number 1, you must meet the minimum requirements:

    - The Internet connection speed should be at least 10 Mbit / s (Please, on lower channels do not even try to start playing this test, so as not to spoil your impression of the technology and not mislead us with statements that something is buggy, etc. .p)
    - The power of your processor should allow you to play video in the specified resolution with the corresponding bit rate, using at the same time no more than 60% of resources. You can also try to enable TS Player settings (desktop player, which is included in the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full software installation package), the option “use a video accelerator” to remove the load from the CPU (this option does not work with all GPUs, but it’s worth trying )

    1. Play in the web player. Go to the test and start playing

    2. Play in the desktop player .

    Option # 1 Download the test file (analogue / modification of the torrent file) and start playing it in TS Player (desktop player, which is included in the Torrent Stream 1.0.6 Full software installation package) Download file: test.tslive

    Option # 2 Copy the content identifier ( Content ID) and use it as a source by entering it in the corresponding field of the player (Media - Open Torrent Stream player). Content ID: 5260b3af34b6e043fc2e74bf4721dacac936e6f6

    What are we testing?

    The main test is to verify the operation of the software in terms of the efficiency of data exchange between peers.

    To the information:We did not carry out any synthetic tests and have no idea how to simulate such a model. Therefore, this is our first real test, therefore, if that, do not judge strictly and treat with understanding. (if someone has the knowledge and can provide us with the necessary software environment for conducting synthetic tests, we will be very grateful)

    Important!The main broadcast is on a regular 100 Mbps channel, so it is very important that the settings of your equipment and your network can support normal returns, since without full peering, I hope you understand that the channel will not be able to work with more than 10 people. Therefore, before participating in the test, bring your equipment into a state that allows you to distribute streams, and not just work for reception (turn on UPnP routers, configure a firewall, etc., etc., respectively) In general, consider participating in the test with maximum responsibility.

    PSWe deliberately decided to use translation with such high resolution and bit rate for the test in order to limit the capabilities of our main outgoing channel as much as possible and in the field to see how our software can handle the flow distribution in a task where the channel is limited by distributing to a maximum of ten users.

    PPS . If you have delays / departures for buffering during playback, look at the download speed, and if the picture slows down (frame by frame / slideshow), look at the processor load, since the broadcast is very heavy and eats a lot of resources (not intended for weak computers)

    PPSCampaign we got excited by issuing a test broadcast with such a bitrate. For the next test, we will pick something simpler and then everyone will be able to properly test the software.

    Well, in order to attract the maximum number of testers simultaneously connected, today (06/22/2012) at 21:45 Kiev time, in test mode we will start relaying the semifinal match of EURO 2012 “Germany - Greece”, but before the match there will be a broadcast music channel.

    Attention! Test translation changed to broadcast with a more sparing bitrate. To avoid confusion, I opened a new topic. Test No. 2

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