Tag clouds

    1. I propose to personalize the tag cloud. That is, each blog can have its own cloud. Currently, a shared cloud is displayed on the profile page of a particular blog. I think that it would be better if the user, by opening the blog profile, besides the description itself could see the tags that are most often used in the posts of this blog.

    2. To the interface: if the change described in the first paragraph is implemented, then such a personalized tag cloud on the main page of the blog should be visually OVER the general rating of blogs. Now it is UNDER it, and to see it, you need to scroll down the page. That is, I believe that going to the main page of the blog, I should see the description of the blog and its popular tags, in order to immediately get an idea of ​​what the topics are about, and not to see that this blog is not among the ten most popular ones.

    3. Developing the topic further, I propose creating a tag cloud for each user. It is possible based on the tags indicated in its habratopiks. I think this will help to make a more complete picture of an unfamiliar user. Anyway, according to my observation, the minority fills information about their interests.

    4. The question of gluing tags is as painful as pension reform :), so I can’t raise it anymore, because it comes to everyone’s mind. Apparently, there are certain difficulties with its implementation, but I believe that development is already underway :)

    PS The Russian language help service writes that there will be a tag correctly in Russian . Many, for example, do not know this and rely on the erroneous version proposed by the Habra (the link "html tags" in the caption above the text box of the published message). Anyone who is already used to writing differently will decide for himself what and how to write :).

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