iPhone - Another Google Mobile Search Platform

    As you know, just the other day, Apple introduced the new iPhone , which is specially designed for quick and convenient access to the Internet. It is curious that this is the first buttonless mobile phone, all of which is controlled by a sensitive display.

    It is also interesting that this mobile phone looks more like a small Mac computer than a means of communication. To access the Internet, Apple suggests using the Safari web browser, which is already configured to search on Yahoo! and google.

    The device does not have a physical keyboard, however, you can enter queries into the search engine using the virtual keyboard, which has become so familiar to PDA owners.

    The highlight of the new Apple iPhoneUndoubtedly, one can name support for Google Maps, which makes it possible to easily and quickly save any maps, including restaurants and movie theaters. In addition, the phone is equipped with a large 3.5-inch screen (320 × 480) and runs on the Mac OS X operating system, which is well provided with software for accessing the Web.

    Obviously, Google is taking more and more steps to develop mobile search, thereby preparing the public for the advent of their own mobile phone. As you know, plans to create such a device have repeatedly stated by Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt), emphasizing that this phone should be free. The recent cooperation agreement with China Mobile is vivid confirmation of this.

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