Growing Social Media Using Reddit

    The site Reddit, very popular in the English-speaking space, like Habr, is built on the principle of social media: anyone can publish the news, and all users vote for it.

    In a training lecture for students of the course Web Application Engineering (CS253)at Udacity Online University, Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman described how Reddit was promoted in the first phase. In fact, all the news on the site was published by the same people, but when each news was published, a new user was automatically registered. Thus, the visibility of a large number of authors was created, which stimulated the activity of other users. The trick worked perfectly: over time, fake users were replaced by real ones - they published exactly the same news that the founders “programmed” them for.

    In a sense, this method is similar to growing crystals from seed material of a given structure.

    The audience of Reddit exceeds 35 million unique users, the site takes 121th place on the Internet, according to Alexa. Like other social media, now Reddit blocks accounts of fake users, and creating multiple accounts from one person is now prohibited.

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