Wikimedia Foundation showed a prototype visual wiki

    The Wikimedia Foundation launched a prototype visual wiki editor. This is a new editing environment that does not require knowledge of the wiki markup language to participate in wiki projects.

    As stated in the prototype announcement , the complexity of the wiki layout was determined by a key factor in slowing the growth of the editorial community in Wikimedia projects. The fund wants to simplify the editing process as much as possible so that editors concentrate on working with content, rather than on technical difficulties.

    To create this open visual editor, the foundation collaborated with the team of Wikia, the largest host of wiki projects. The tool is developed not only for Wikimedia projects, but also for everyone who uses MediaWiki . When the editor is ready, it will be included in MediaWikiand will be available to all comers.

    Now you can experiment with the prototype editor on . So far this is just a demonstration, which is very far from the finished product - for example, there are no images and tables added yet. New versions of the editor will be released approximately once every two weeks until it is ready.

    Personally, I have been participating in Wikipedia for a long time and I don’t see the need for a visual editor, but if it helps to attract new participants, then its implementation will be justified. If a visual editor appeared on Wikipedia, would you write in it?

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