Eco-friendly and energy-efficient KYOCERA printing technology

    Today, everyone who is not lazy is talking about the transition to green technology. But it is always interesting to see, not what they say, but what they do. Thanks to unique technologies, KYOCERA has been able to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated. How?
    First, KYOCERA has created cartridge-free printing technology.
    Secondly, increased component life.

    In KYOCERA devices, the cartridge is secured separately, and the only consumable item requiring replacement throughout the life of the devices is toner. If a regular cartridge is made up of more than 60 components, the KYOCERA toner container consists of only 4. In addition, the cartridge of a conventional laser printer must be replaced, the toner container is barely empty, even if the drum and other components have not yet reached the end of their life. KYOCERA's ECOSYS technology avoids the generation of “optional” waste, as well as reduces carbon dioxide emissions during the production and transportation of finished products.

    60 cartridge conventional cartridge

    KYOCERA toner container

    Moreover, the latest color and black and white high-speed MFPs of the TASKalfa * series use an induction heating fuser instead of a conventional fuser lamp. Using a fuser with induction heating not only reduces the heating time of the device, but also reduces power consumption. This is due to the fact that the lamp consumes more energy than an induction heater. All this makes printing with KYOCERA an energy-efficient process.

    * TASKalfa 6500i / 8000i, TASKalfa 3050ci / 3550ci / 4550ci / 5550ci / 6550ci / 7550ci

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