Foursquare chekins now appear on Facebook Timeline maps

    Foursquare, a popular geolocation service, recently announced that the checks of users who send information about places they visited on Facebook will now be shown on Facebook Timeline maps. Previously, on these cards, only the checks of users made by them on Facebook were displayed. Now, two services, Foursquare and Facebook, began to cooperate, and this may be interesting for users of two resources.

    So now all the places visited by Foursquare users, including restaurants, cafes and other locations, will be displayed on Facebook Timeline. This applies to both new chekins and old ones - they will be automatically added to the card. It is worth noting that the reaction of users of these services is positive - many have been waiting for this news for a long time, and now began to actively use the new opportunity.

    Foursquare now has 20 million users, and the expansion of the user base continues. Foursquare has now begun to actively monetize - for example, advertisers have the opportunity to buy ad slots. Of course, these are not advertising banners, but also quite noticeable advertising.

    A little later, the service will add a number of functions (the exact date of the update is not known) for both users and advertisers. I would like to hope, of course, that there wouldn’t be too much advertising - but the management of the service has so far been showing a positive side, so everything should be fine.

    Via mashable

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