VLC Anniversary - One Billion Downloads

    Download statistics for the open-source free VLC cross-platform video player have been on the videolan.org website since 2005. These statistics include downloads in source or compiled form for Windows and MacOS, but do not include installations from repositories on Linux systems, so the real numbers are even greater.

    VLC works on most modern operating systems and does not require the installation of additional codecs. VLC interface translated into 78 languages. It can be used as a media server for streaming - initially this was the main purpose of VLC. In 1996, several students of École centrale Parisstarted a training project dedicated to streaming video over the network. It consisted of two parts - VideoLAN Server (VLS) and VideoLAN Client (VLC). In 2001, the source code for the VideoLAN project was published under the GPL. In March of this year , version 2.0 was released .

    In addition to the video player, the VideoLAN team conducts several more projects for professional users and developers. At the end of 2009, the development of the non-linear video editor VideoLAN Media Creator (VLMC) began.

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