NetWrix Change Reporter Suite Released

    In the released version 2.1. The module responsible for auditing file servers and storage devices File Server Change Reporter has been updated. Accordingly, the following functions were added :
    • Support for Failover Clusters
    • Support for EMC VNX / VNXe storage devices
    • New reports “Changes to folder permissions” and “All actions on a file server”

    If you are not familiar with NetWrix Change Reporter Suite, then In a nutshell, we will talk about what this solution is.
    NetWrix Change Reporter Suite is a software package designed to audit changes to various components of an IT infrastructure .
    Currently, the programs included in the package carry out audits in the following areas:
    • Active Directory
    • Group Policy
    • VMware and System Center Virtual Machine Manager virtual environments
    • MS Exchange (including audit of access to foreign mailboxes)
    • SharePoint
    • SQL Server
    • File Servers and Storage Devices
    • Network Devices (Cisco and Checkpoint)
    • Server configuration

    It briefly describes what each module does.

    NetWrix Change Reporter Suite provides reports with complete information on each individual change that has taken place in the organization: who, where, when and what has changed and the values ​​before and after the change. Data can be filtered by various criteria, such as the name of the person who made the changes or viewed the data, time and other parameters. If necessary, changes can be rolled back through the Rollback Wizard.

    The new version is available for download on our website .

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