Full height 3D teleconference booth (Star Trek style)

    When talking with a person, you can walk around him.

    Professor Roel Vertegaal of the Human Media Lab at Queens University in Kingston, Canada designed the TeleHuman booth for teleconferencing, where you can see a full-length 3D figure of the interlocutor. Probably, the professors were inspired by watching the science fiction series Star Trek, in which there were holographic rooms (holodeck), "moving" a person to any place with the effect of telepresence.

    The TeleHuman cab consists of a 1.8 meter high acrylic cylinder with a convex mirror, a 3D projector, and a set of ten Microsoft Kinect controllers (six in the cab and four in the room). A person goes inside - and the picture is projected onto the outer walls of the cabin.

    The most interesting is how the 3D effect is created. For this purpose Microsoft Kinect controllers are intended. They track the position of a person outside the cab to generate a stereoscopic picture for him.

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