Microsoft has invested $ 300 million in a Barnes & Noble Nook reader

    Today, Microsoft announced an investment of $ 300 million (a fairly large amount even for such a giant) in one of the divisions of Barnes & Noble. This division is responsible for the development of B&N readers. Immediately after this news, the company's shares rose in price by more than 60%.

    But more interesting than the issue of stock prices, the question is, what will the next model of the Nook reader represent? The current model is based on the Android OS, a somewhat abridged version of this software platform. Perhaps the reader will be significantly improved, and the software platform - changed. Experts believe that the next Nook model from a joint venture between B&N and Microsoft will be based on Windows 8.

    Thanks to his investment, Microsoft is killing several birds with one stone. It occupies part of the market of readers, and makes its software platform more famous, and diversifies its own business. In addition, both companies were also able in such an original way to settle mutual litigation.

    It would be interesting to see what the new “reader” from the joint venture of Microsoft and B&N will be like. But it is unlikely that the announcement will happen before the fall-winter of this year. Development requires not only money, but also time. And the Windows 8 platform, on which the work of the new reader will most likely be based, will be released only this fall. so you have to wait.

    Via techcrunch

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