Megafon's Optimization service interferes with traffic content

    Just yesterday, I already wrote one topic about how Megaphone persistently creeps into user traffic. One of the users mentioned in his comments the “Optimization” service, which is automatically activated by everyone recently, and which, he thought, could be responsible for the cookery that was going on there.

    Well, not for that, but she is responsible. Under the cut some food for thought.

    Today it’s useful to debut the project’s website. I opened the sorts, opened the Chrome debugger in the next tab, and suddenly realized: ALL the html comments that I inserted there are deleted (I’m not only working on the layout), but all the code is taken and formatted in one line. I got into the Service Guide and found that this service was connected there (last night it was not there).

    As everyone guessed, this is the Optimization service. Description on the corporate website of the North-Western branch:

    Its essence is, as I understand it, reformatting most of the source of the static response from most popular resources to one line (I wonder how my site got there?). I didn’t have a screenshot with the scolded version of the office’s site, but there’s a screenshot of the Vkontakte office page code:

    Something like this looks like the page code when Optimization is connected:


    And it looks like this when it is disabled (I had to call the CC, through the "Service Guide" this shit does not turn off):


    The girl-operator refused to explain at least something about the essence of the service, citing a complete lack of information on this service. She only knows, apparently, that she is "speeding up the Internet."

    The key question (again) is why does Megafon consider itself authorized to infiltrate the content of the pages I request, and moreover, again without my knowledge? I don’t care that Opera does this (it warns about this when accepting the Mini agreement - and it’s supposed to be read), I don’t care that this is done for good, supposedly purpose.

    Why the hell do they notify me before turning on this obscurantism?

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