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    How the idea of ​​the service was born

    image If you have ever tried to find a good doctor, then you know firsthand how difficult this task is. Until now, word of mouth remains the best means of finding a doctor: we turn to doctors we know for advice or to a person who has already faced a similar problem, but if there are no such friends? It remains to search the Internet.

    But here it is not so simple, there are many clinic sites, but there are no guarantees that you will get an appointment with a really good doctor. And okay, if a bad dentist puts a seal, which will fall out in two months - this is not so bad. What about the risk of running into a half-educated dermatologist? Or an unscrupulous surgeon?

    My search for a doctor on the Internet turned into the fact that the found “specialist” mistook my bilateral pneumonia for asthma. Two weeks of improper treatment led to serious complications and urgent hospitalization. I won’t procrastinate the topic for a long time - I think many will agree with me that relying on the Internet in a severe medical issue is extremely risky

    What's up, Doc?

    imageAfter this story, I had a question with finding a doctor: and if in my hometown, through friends I could solve this problem in a couple of days, then in Moscow the story turns into a whole epic. Then for the first time I had the idea of ​​creating a service to find a suitable doctor.

    As it usually happens with startups - at first the idea was hatched for a long time in the head. I was interested in the creation of a service for the selection of a doctor, and not a simple database of profiles of doctors and clinics. There was nothing like this on the Internet, and after conducting a small survey among my friends, I found out that 9 out of 10 would definitely use such a service.

    In general, the task is simple, but it was necessary to understand what information a person needs to choose and by what criteria doctors will be evaluated - for those who do not understand the specifics of education and the ranks of doctors, we decided to make an integrated rating from a set of professional indicators. Sorted, and immediately saw who was the coolest specialist here.

    Freebie sir

    imageWorking in several web studios provided me with a lot of useful contacts, so the designer and programmer were found quite quickly. A couple of brainstorming sessions in a cafe with Wi-Fi and the project was solemnly set out on a large sheet of whatman paper.

    The main thing we have come to is that the service should be absolutely free for the user. To do this, we planned all monetization from doctors and clinics.

    Another important point was the possibility of a “home call”: the doctor’s card indicates whether he leaves for calls, which district serves and accepts patients “at home”.

    Would you make an appointment with House?

    Professionalism is not the only thing a patient needs. The doctor works with people, therefore his purely human qualities are important: attentiveness, tact, and even kindness. And this can be learned only from those who have already been at his appointment.

    Therefore, the feedback function on the site is critically important: if he is a specialist three times, have 2 diplomas and 3 thousand publications, if you want to forget to visit him like a bad dream, this should adequately reflect on the rating.

    To be sure of the reliability of the reviews, we decided to publish on the site only the reviews of those patients who signed up to the doctor through our portal.


    The scheme of work with the user excludes the possibility of publishing fake reviews. Thanks to CRM, we know exactly who, when, and to which doctor made an appointment.

    Why does it work

    Free and convenient - on this, in general, one could stop, but there are also:

    1. Objectivity in evaluating specialists : qualifications and experience are carefully checked. Profiles are sorted by several parameters: by rating, by cost, by experience. You can also check the box and see only doctors in your area and / or those who travel to your home.
    2. The opportunity to take the help of a portal consultant by phone . We help you find the right doctor for free. Consultants will talk in detail about the doctor using additional data stored in the site database. In addition, our call center is advised by physicians who can help you choose the right doctor.
    3. An additional “trick” is diagnostics : a directory of diagnostic centers that conduct certain examinations. For example, you need to check the thyroid gland: use the site to select a center near your home and find out the cost of diagnosis.

    Now docdoc is already functioning quite successfully: we found the first several hundred doctors (phoned specialists personally and added pens to the database). The first users also appeared - competent seo makes itself felt: site traffic is now 500 people per day.

    We are waiting for a UFO visit, ready for constructive criticism and unconstructive praise)

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