New level editor for Portal 2

    Since Valve week is going on at Habrahabr, I cannot but mention the new long-awaited level editor for Portal 2, which will be released on May 8 as a free downloadable content (DLC). Unlike the traditional Hammer level editor for games on the Source engine, the new editor looks completely different and uses a completely different map modeling technique:


    Surprisingly, even the level editor, the developers found a place in the storyline. As always, not without humor. Trailer:

    And the following video, prepared by the ValveTime community, demonstrates directly creating the level:

    I ’ve been waiting for such an editor for years . This approach to level modeling is more like drawing a drawing or modeling from plasticine. It is especially nice that Valve also took care of the easy exchange of created levels directly through the Steam Workshop, without leaving the game.


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