QML and QtQuick Webinars: Part One, Introductory

    Hello, Habr!

    We are introducing a new series of tutorials on QML and QtQuick. This time we will show screencasts from the next Qt-seminars of Cyril Krinkin on QtQuick development.

    From the introductory webinar, you will learn about the QtQuick technology suite. Of course, in the video, along the way, it will be told what the declarative markup language QML is, what its purposes and features are, what its syntax is.

    After all this, the architecture of QML applications will be described and the writing of the simplest “Hello, World!” And more complex examples illustrating:
    • how to create projects in Qt Creator;
    • what is property binding and why is it used in the language (by the way, about property binding we have a separate article );
    • how to use a mouse.

    Happy viewing!

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