Latest version of Google Chrome does not work with facebook

    The latest stable version of Google Chrome 18.0.1025.151 does not work correctly with facebook. A tab with open facebook practically does not respond to clicks and does not load content through AJAX, which makes working with the site almost impossible.

    Since other browsers - Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome before the update - work with facebook without problems, it should be concluded that the problem is not on the side of facebook.

    The same or related problem was observed at the beta testing stage of the version, judging by this bug report , however, the problem remained right up to the stable version.

    Perhaps the problem is not only with facebook. So, if this is critical for you - do not rush to update Chrome. As you know, the update will not happen if you do not restart the browser.

    UPD:Now it seems to work. Apparently, they fixed something on the facebook side.

    UPD 2: No, it does not work again. Habrachelovek Caman also reports about similar problems when working with Yandex.Mail. fsrs reports that similar symptoms can occur not only in the Windows version, but also in the version under Ubuntu Linux.

    UPD 3: Habrachelovekom LLIbIcpEP noticed that in incognito mode the problem disappears. The reasons for this effect are not clear.

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