YiiConf 2012, Kiev

    We invite you to participate in the first annual professional conference of web developers using the Yii framework in their applications. Conference time is mid-May. Specific dates will be announced a little later, but for now you can go through pre-registration .

    Final registration will take place after the final formation of the list of reports and speakers. All pre-registered will be notified in advance.


    - Alexander Makarov . An experienced engineer, one of the main developers of Yii, creator of yiiframework.ru and rmcreative.ru , author of Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook. He will talk about how Yii is being developed, tell the facts about what will happen in Yii2, answer questions, and teach how to properly help the project.

    - Alexey Spiridonov . Head of the development team and project architect api.2gis.ru . He will talk about how Yii is used in 2GIS.

    - Grigory Kochanov . Timlid at sotmarket.ru (a large Russian online store, affiliate network), has been outsourcing for 8 years, in the past - financial engineer at UkrSibbank. Explains how to cook MANY_MANY correctly.

    - Andrey Geonya , 2GIS developer, will continue the story of how they work in the company. His report is called "Theory of Constraints in the Agile Team."

    The list of reports and speakers will undoubtedly replenish. If you have a good topic, desire and opportunity to speak, write to org@yiiconf.ru. Speakers participation is free.

    The cost of participation will be $ 50, 1500r. or 400 hryvnia. This amount includes: participation in the conference, coffee breaks, a package of materials.

    Visas from Russia are not required. Kiev is a very interesting city, so if you can, you can come in advance to see it.

    You can follow the news on Twitter and social networks. If you have pre-registered, we will inform you of the most important by mail.

    Sponsors and info partners are also invited to participate.

    For all questions, you can write to org@yiiconf.ru.

    See you at yiiconf !

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