Cebit 2012. Day Two - Blackberry, Archos, MSI, Gigabyte

    The journey through Cebit 2012 continues.

    This is a novelty from Archos - a home DECT phone on Android, tell me honestly, could anyone imagine such a thing a couple of years ago?
    Under the cut are pictures of MSI, Gigabyte, XFX, Blackberry products.

    XFX has revealed a new series of graphics cards based on AMD Radeon GPUs.

    These are two versions of the Radeon HD 7770 with different cooling systems.

    And this is "something that can’t exist at all". The Radeon HD 7870 graphics card has not yet been announced, but nevertheless is present at the stands of many vendors. True data are not available.
    Another tablet from Archos is amazing to see such a set of hard drive capacities - 8, 16 and immediately 250 gigabytes. Device prices are shown on the rating plate.

    At the Blackberry booth, my attention was drawn to a Porshe design phone. Of course, its value increases by several tens of euros.

    And this toy is called the Blackberry PlayBook. Of course, this is a tablet, but its popularity may come closer to the Apple iPad, in the end, the communicators of this brand compete with the apple ones.

    MSI hid from the eyes of the general public in the Reseller Planet - a room for distributors and journalists, but the product range was fully presented.
    Here are motherboards on the new Intel Z77 chipset

    Again we see the AMD Radeon HD 7870 graphics card, this time in the original version and with a new cooling system.

    The AMD Radeon HD 7770 Power Edition graphics card with an improved cooling system and additional overclocking options is also presented to the public.

    The nettop sector has become a tidbit and MSI has not passed by. The system based on the AMD hybrid processor is called the Wind Box.

    Gigabyte expands the range of motherboards in the server segment - dual-processor and single-processor systems were presented at the company's booth.

    New gaming boards: G.1 Assasin 2 for Sandy Bridge-E Socket 2011 processors and G.1 Sniper 3 for Ivy Bridge Socket 1155 processors.

    An ultrabook was also exhibited on the new generation of Intel processors, but it was very quickly removed, although some colleagues even managed to run a few tests. According to their reviews, the performance increase in the mobile segment is expected to be very noticeable.
    Habrazhiteli asked to show the press center? We work in inhuman conditions: easy chairs, fast Internet, a separate dining room =) And here is a photo of my working friend in this setting.

    Stay tuned!
    PS. Friends, write what I would like to know, tomorrow is a free day, I will try to fulfill your wishes.
    PPS Transport workers' strike in Hanover tomorrow - the only tram will run from the central station to the exhibition, the rest of the buses, trams, metro and other means of transportation will stand ... This is Europe.

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