Duracell has released a "charging card" for wireless charging mobile devices

    To date, most wireless chargers developed by different companies suffer from one drawback - mobile devices must meet certain standards in order to charge wirelessly. In the vast majority of cases, mobile devices cannot be charged wirelessly, because they do not support the necessary technology. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but there is a problem. Duracell has recently introduced an addition to standard phones, which can make life easier for many owners of mobile devices.

    This add-on is a flat card called Powermat WiCC. This card is a kind of intermediary between a wireless charger and a regular phone (smartphone, tablet). To equip your mobile device with the wireless charging function, you only need to insert the card into the phone, so that the card contacts touch the “charging” contacts of the phone. Then you can close the lid and enjoy. By the way, the developer plans to also integrate the NFC chip into the WiCC card.

    Of course, there are problems here too. Firstly, no matter how flat the card is, not every battery cover will close. You can just break it. In addition, not every phone has a suitable contact system. Well, and the third problem - to wirelessly charge your device (suppose the card came up), you need a wireless charger. And there are not so many such devices now.

    Nevertheless, it is hoped that Duracell will introduce its own wireless charger, as well, development in this area has been ongoing for a very long time. If the card is positively received, you can probably expect an early announcement of an affordable wireless charger. At least I would like to hope so.

    Via dvice

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