CyanogenMod asked for help - and raised funds in 8 hours

    Yesterday, the CyanogenMod team turned to the community for help . Usually the collected donations are barely enough for running expenses. Recently, CyanogenMod stopped cope with the daily release of 50+ builds. The fact is that before they had access to a free computer cluster (apparently, at work or at the training of one of the developers), but now there is no such access.

    The daily release of fresh nightly builds for each device model with the latest features is the highlight of CyanogenMod. Now they officially support 56 devices and update them daily. The developers asked the community to help with money. You need to buy a couple of good Xeon-class servers with lots of memory and fast disks.

    A few hours after the publication of the appeal on the forum, the head of the British hosting company Bytemark Hosting made a proposal to donate one or two servers. And eight hours after the publication, representatives of CyanogenMod reported that they had collected the necessary amount . The servers will be ordered next week, and soon CyanogenMod will return to the usual schedule!

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