Less talk

    Soon the book “Startup Weekend: How to Take a Company From Concept to Creation in 54 Hours” will be released in Russian . In it, Clint Nielsen, Mark Nager and Frank Nuriga, the founders of Startup Weekend, told how they managed to create an international movement that now includes 67 countries, more than 200 cities and about 50,000 participants, how in the past year, projects born on Startup Weekend attracted about $ 30,000,000 of third-party financing, and why more than 36% of projects that have passed Startup Weekend continue to work and develop after 3 months.

    It all looks like this:

    Inspired by the experience of foreign colleagues, we decided to slightly change the rules of the game: on February 25 and 26 there will be a Startup Weekend for those who are charged with ideas and the desire to get together and very quickly create a working service together with a bunch of interesting people. Without lectures, without instructions and manuals: training will take place in the process of work: you can learn how to do web projects only by doing web projects. We will build our own hypotheses and, without putting them into the far box, test them in place.

    Of the presented ideas, we all together at Startup Weekend will choose the 15 most interesting, share on the team and start working. This time there will be no ready-made teams and presented prototypes: we will take bare ideas and try to build something that works over the weekend. How? - we will talk less and do more!

    Why do not you need to come with a ready-made team. At Startup Weekend you can find someone with whom you can create your web project, and immediately see it in action. You can learn little about a person by just talking a couple of minutes. It is possible to get to know a person as a professional only at work - we offer you to work together. That is, it makes no difference whether you are working on your idea, or joining a stranger - you work with people who may be close in spirit to you and want to start a project with you.

    Show your future colleagues what you can do: if you are a designer, try to outline how the service your team joined will look like. If you are a marketer or PR manager, think over a plan and possible promotion channels, do an analysis of your potential audience. If you are a programmer - program!

    Look beyond your laptop screen. Startup Weekend is ideal to try something new, learn from their colleagues around you their specific tricks and share ready-made solutions and join the “collective mind”, because two heads are better than one. :) After spending the weekend creating a service that solves a real problem, you can build long-lasting working relationships and maybe leave the event not just with new friends, but with potential employers or investors.

    This time at the Startup Weekend there will be no spectacles, so the event will be closed: a total of 150 participants. If you are sure that you are ready to join the team and work for two days in a row, register and come .

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