Secure payments using ActivateTo codes (Part I)

    Online sales of goods and remote work, when the customer and the contractor do not meet in person, involve a certain risk. Even provided that the payment has been made and the product has been sent to the consumer, funds or important sensitive data can be intercepted or simply stolen by online scammers, cardholders or frauds. Secure and guaranteed payments in a closed environment are necessary, and ActivateTo from PaySto will help entrepreneurs and consumers of their products .

    The consumer of the service can be both a legal entity and an individual. Using ActivateTopayment for digital goods and services is made. Among them are activation or upgrade of accounts in various systems, activation of services from various providers, payment of license keys for software, replenishment of wallets in social networks and online games, a variety of digital (information) products and, finally, gift certificates and coupons.

    Of course, if an entrepreneur uses ActivateTo , it means that he has an account, Personal Account in PaySto. Here, in his account, funds are collected on his personal account that can be withdrawn at any time and in any way convenient for the user, whether it is transferring funds to the entrepreneur’s bank account or transferring in an electronic payment system convenient for him.

    Powered by ActivateToaccording to the following principle. To make a purchase, the consumer of the product or service pays to receive a certain code, which is used on the seller’s website, confirming the payment. That is, as you might guess, using ActivateTo completely eliminates the introduction of any personal data by the consumer in the online store of the seller (or on his other website), which could lead to the loss of this data.

    PaySto developers guarantee the security of confidential information and consumer funds. After all, the system does not store codes that were not activated. The generator works after receiving payment from the buyer.

    Among the advantages of ActivateTo, first of all, the guarantee of receiving payment for the provided product. At the same time, the service will also allow expanding the customer base thanks to the absolute security of personal data and funds. For the same reason, unreasonable refunds can be avoided. Payment will be made, regardless of the amount requested (the cost of the code, and therefore the product, can be any). Among other things, ActivateTo generates codes of any complexity, depending on the requirements and requests of the seller. The status of any code can be monitored remotely from PaySto. Finally, an entrepreneur can create several different web stores, sell their products in various ways, and in each case adapt and independently configure the payment principle in each individual project.

    To be continued…

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