History: "Snake" - the most popular mobile game on the border of the millennia

    Friends, with the past you!

    We recently spent the old New Year and, smoothly moving into working days, we decided to write a post with the history of one extremely popular game for phones. No, it’s not about Angry Birds at all - we’ll talk about the warm tube “Snake”.

    The history of the game "Snake" began a few years before the first mobile phones. In 1977, Gremlin Industries launched the Hustle slot machine., designed for one or two players, in which it was necessary to control the "snakes", directing them to randomly appearing goals. To win, you had to get more points than your opponent, blocking the path to new goals during the game (in the case of multiplayer games), or just breaking the record set on the slot machine. In 1984, Gremlin Industries was forced to close, but the Hustle game began to gain momentum: first there was a port for TRS-80 computers, then for Commodore PET and Apple II.

    Original Snake ( Snake) from Nokia appeared in 1997 thanks to the efforts of the developer Taneli Ormanto. In the same year, the company released the first phone with this game - Nokia 6110. Even then, the game was multi-user: phones communicated via infrared ports, because neither Bluetooth, nor even Wi-Fi, was in the phones at that time. The snake itself consisted of black squares and could move in four directions. The game zone along which the reptile moved was limited by the size of the phone screen: when the snake's head hit the edge of the phone, the game ended. "Snake" has gained incredible popularity, comparable only to the popularity of modern hits "Angry Birds" and "Cut the Rope".

    The second part of "Snake" - " Snake II"- acquired a" seamless "game zone, so that the snake did not" die ", crashing into the edge of the screen, but crawled out from the opposite side of the display. Also, maps with obstacles that could not be bumped into were added. In the new version there was also a cheat: if to pause the game at the moment the snake consumed food, it did not increase in size.With this trick, hard-working, but not very honest gamers earned a breathtaking score to later brag to their friends. As a result, people earned not quite honestly and 30 t A thousand points - despite the fact that in the first "Snake" it was impossible to score more than 4500.

    Subsequently, Nokia released the game Snake Xenzia for monochrome and budget color phones, Snake EX and Snake EX2with improved graphics and multiplayer via Bluetooth for color phones on the S60 and S40.

    In January 2005, specially for N-Gage, IOMO (the largest developer of mobile games in Europe at that time) commissioned Nokia to develop a new, sixth, version of the game - “Snakes”, or “ Snakes ”. This time the game was already three-dimensional, and the graphics corresponded to the level of Sony PlayStation. In "Snakes" there was multiplayer via Bluetooth for 4 people, a "viral" quick transfer of the game to N-Gage friends was implemented. Subsequently, the game "Snakes" became available for all smartphones on the S60, however, already without multiplayer.

    The next version of the game was three-dimensional " Snake III". She repeated the game" Snakes "and differed only in realistic graphics - still in" Snakes "the snakes were quite abstract. Otherwise, the game contained the same game modes and the same multiplayer via Bluetooth.

    Finally, in 2008 the latest version was released “Snakes” - “ Snakes Subsonic .” “Sabsonik” was a continuation of the game “Snakes”, but already for the game service “N-Gage”, available on two dozen Nokia devices.

    After the release of “Snakes Subsonic” the legendary “Snake” has not developed - the era of push-button phones has passed, but for touch-sensitive mobile devices, the game does not quite fit as well. However, in the "Snake" continues to play today.

    If you do not have a Nokia phone with a game, you can ponostalgirovat running "snake" in the blog Nokia Conversationsour global colleagues. In addition, "Snake" is available in the Gmail and YouTube interface - apparently, someone really liked this game on Google. To start Snake in Gmail you need to go to the settings and add the Old Snakey function in the Labs tab, then press the & key in the main window of the mail service, and to start the game on YouTube in any video you like, press the left and up keys simultaneously.

    And of course, you can’t help but ask, what was your maximum score at Snake? ;)

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