New from Apple Educational Event

    Apple’s education event didn’t force thousands of people to cling to the monitor screens, as is usually the case. What is it? Apple is not the same or at the educational event, by definition, there can be nothing interesting? On the contrary. So, on January 19 at 7 pm Moscow time, Apple introduced small, but, in my opinion, very interesting new products in the field of software.

    iBooks 2

    The popular e-book reader has received a major update. This is mainly due to the emergence of a new format of books, namely textbooks ( textbooks ). The essence of textbooks is to combine the benefits of paper books with the power of an iPad. Apple’s path is logical: with the popularity of the AppStore for iPad, more and more different books and magazines, which were separate applications, began to appear. They are bright and colorful, they have a lot of real interactivity, but the logical organization “one book / magazine - one application” did not suit Apple. So in the fifth iOS update, Newsstand appears - a catalog of magazines in which you can track the new issues of your favorite publications. Now a similar fate befell interactive books.
    The new iBooks interactive book format offers:
    • Image Galleries
    • Charts, videos, 3D animation
    • Widgets
    • Using HTML and CSS for typesetting books
    • The ability to mark words and sentences directly in the text and make flashcards
    • Access to footnotes and glossary directly from text

    The iBooks 2 update is already available on the App Store for free. Also in the AppStore you can already download demonstrations of the first books of this format in algebra, physics, chemistry and other sciences. I'd add that the first samples look very high quality and interesting. One such book costs $ 15.

    iBooks Author

    New books are created using the iBooks Author app. The application interface is similar to a mixture of solutions from the iWork and iLife packages. As predicted, interactive books are now as easy to create as songs in Garageband. An interesting feature is the output of the book directly to the iPad during editing (something like debugging a book), so you can see how your work will look on the end device. The application is available now in the Mac AppStore and is also absolutely free.

    iTunes U App

    The third announcement at the presentation is also quite interesting, but completely useless in our country. Apple Introduces iTunes U App Now teachers have the opportunity to create full-fledged interactive lesson courses, including “handout”, the necessary multimedia material, tests, recommendations and homework. All these benefits of Western civilization are safely synchronized with iCloud. Already now, such giants of educational activities as Yale University, MIT, Stanford and many, many others are working with the new system. The application is also available absolutely free in the AppStore.

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