Content Editors Using Contenteditable

    At the last Web Standards Days, held in Moscow, Anton Nemtsev talked about the idea of ​​editing content directly on the page with this very content, using the contenteditable attribute.

    Having asked google, I found two quite working editors that you can try to apply in one of the projects.

    Mercury editor

    Mercury editor

    Position themselves as an analogue of TinyMCE or CKEditor, but embedded directly on the page for use with certain blocks of content.

    The demo looks quite attractive - a panel appears at the top of the page, and the blocks available for editing are highlighted in the content.

    On the site, the editor is served as a gem for RoR, but there is a link to the wiki project on Github, which says how to use it without RoR.

    Declared support for Firefox 4+, Chrome 10+, Safari 5+

    Aloha editor

    The concept is the same - the areas available for editing are highlighted and when you click on them, a panel comes with buttons.

    Initially, it looks worse than Mercury Editor, but there are about two dozen plugins available on the site that expand the functionality - for example, a plugin for inserting pictures and editing their attributes.

    I did not find any explicitly supported browser versions, but I found out empirically that it, like Mercury Editor, works in Firefox and Webkit + back in IE9.

    UPDATE , made on the basis of comments:
    NicEdit - I saw it when I was looking for it, but for some reason the demos did not impress me. Although it is quite worthy of attention.

    JQuery visual editorfrom Imperavi. Minimalistic editor with a nice design. Outwardly I liked it, the functionality is not rich, but quite sufficient.

    Best In Place is a super-minimalistic editor that allows you to only edit content - you can use it if you need to edit the data entered earlier in forms with a certain set of parameters.

    Also popular now: