Overview of App Annie Features for Windows and Windows Phone Developers

    For Windows and Windows Phone developers, the good news is again. One of the largest and free data collection platforms, App Annie has announced support for Windows-based app store analytics.

    The availability of relevant information about the rating, the number of downloads and the income from the application and quick access to detailed analysis of the entire store will allow developers and mobile studios to make informed business decisions. Solutions based on fresh, processed data generated in detailed reports using the intuitive App Annie interface.

    We will review the basic tools for monitoring and analyzing the Windows and Windows Phone application stores provided by this platform.

    Store stats

    The App Annie platform is a recognized expert in the processing and analysis of information about leading application stores. The service that you must use to obtain this data is called Store Stats .

    Store Stats allows you to track trends in the application markets of all popular platforms in one place, as well as monitor regular changes in application ratings.

    To get information about the Windows and Windows Phone app stores, you don’t need to be a registered user, but to access advanced functionality and information for previous periods, you still need to open an AppAnnie account:

    In Store Stats, it’s convenient to use filters to view ratings of applications in the store by country, category and subcategory: Data history for stores is available from March 2013 for Windows and March 2012 for Windows Phone. Also for each application in the App Annie collected:

    • Rating history;
    • Daily ratings
    • Application information;
    • Publishers page.

    Without going to the application page in the store, all information of interest about it is available inside the service: Filter parameters for displaying data about the application of interest can also be set manually.

    Analytics for Windows Phone and Windows Store

    A useful tool for developers will be Analytics . This service, as part of App Annie, will help you collect app store rating data and generate download and revenue reports.

    In the case of this tool, it is necessary to register with App Annie , which will take no more than 2 minutes, and then link the Windows / Windows Phone developer account to the analytic platform account: Here you need to enter the data used during authorization in the Windows / Windows Phone Development Center : The next step is an additional check: If you can’t connect the account for any reason, you need to privately contact App Annie support


    When your developer account is successfully attached to the platform, the developer has access to all features of the service for analysts all applications associated with the selected account: On the page of App Annie control panel creates an overall picture of the upload and income on the application within a month worldwide: detailed report about downloads or revenue by group or by each application, as well as setting the time periods and countries of interest, you can go to the "Downloads" and "Revenue" pages, respectively: All formed reports can be saved to a CSV file, which is useful if necessary to share information. For the same purpose, App Annie has a Team Sharing mechanism .

    Team Sharing makes it easy to share any information from Analytics, creating groups, inviting participants and providing them with access to download and income data as needed, just click the Share button in the upper right corner of the report: Team Sharing will immediately provide the opportunity to select an individual user or To create a group.


    In this article, we examined the main features of the App Annie analytic service for applications in Windows and Windows Phone stores. If you are an application developer for these platforms, then AppAnnie analytics will help you evaluate and increase the success of your application.

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