[archlinux testing news] new LTS and udev-177

    Hello habra I will try to write briefly.


    First about the core. In testing, a new LTS appeared !!!

    - the package name has changed to linux-lts
    - the config is synchronized with the latest 3.0.x
    - nouveau-drm-lts will be thrown away - it is now in the kernel
    - the kernel name has changed: vmlinuz-linux-lts
    - the names initramfs: initramfs-linux-lts have changed. img

    All users must make the appropriate changes to their bootloaders. For compatibility, when upgrading, symlinks to old names will be created.

    Well, let's start testing;)


    udev-177 appeared in [testing], so I want to say a couple of warning words.

    Firstly, do not be alarmed by reports that mkinitcpio will break if you use udev-177, they are completely harmless and will disappear in the next release of mkinitcpio (which will go to core at the same time as udev-177).

    (More specifically, mkinitcpio errors refer to the “missing” rules for firmware and helpers in udev. Now udev processes firmware with built-in functions, and therefore is no longer dependent on any external files. If you notice any errors other than those listed above, about them you can scream loudly in the appropriate place.)

    A lot has changed in this release. Namely:

    - changes to the assembly system and standard installation paths were rolled back. Tom did everything possible to fix everything back, because we are not ready to move / bin to / usr / bin yet.

    - blkid and modprobe are no longer used, instead, the appropriate libraries are used in the internal tools. Both of these changes can lead to bugs, so shout urgently if you notice something.

    - as mentioned earlier, the use of devtmpfs is now mandatory for everyone.

    This release uses kmod, which is currently under active development. Therefore, udev will remain in testing until Dave decides that kmod is ready for core.

    It is characteristic that not everyone is doing well. Andre didn’t get a wifi on the laptop with systemd-38 and some programs stopped running. He downgraded back mkinitcpio, udev and kmod, and then came across errors ( http://dpaste.com/687105/) Relevant people will sort this issue out soon. If you are very afraid, take a snapshot before updating;)

    UPD : Andre was repaired by the reinstallation method. Panic is canceled. But if that, you know what to do: reinstall kmod, mkinitcpio, systemd again.

    Happy new updates, gentlemen!
    And may the Force be with u.

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