Be prepared for the worst because it will happen anyway

    Everybody should go through this.This post appeared by chance from a comment on an article in the Startup? Tie it up! ” . Comment was written, written and written on the whole post. Sorry for this stupid entry - I think it’s not with me alone that sometimes happens.

    The article is really good. Unlike other articles about startups, from which, as the author rightly observes, many are already sick. And everything there seems to be on the case and is quite logical. Here is just one point in the position of the author seemed controversial to me: "Do what you like, it doesn’t work - drop it, it’s not yours." I cannot agree with this. Whatever your hobby or specialty, no matter what you undertake, when you reach a certain level (business / start-up / salary / freelance), sooner or later you will have to deal with something that is not accepted, but early or later, anyone is faced. Everything cool and funny that you were fond of and that inspired you will become just your work (or business, in this context - it doesn’t matter). Only then does the real test of strength come.

    There is no point trying to force yourself to fall in love with your project again. No training, no additional motivators such as podcasts from Spiridonov, no other, even superpositive, husk will not inspire, as before. It is like a married life. Love does not pass over the years (if it is real, of course), but it will change. You can connect this with the growing up of a person or with some hormones, but to love the same as before, is no longer possible. One has to love in another way - to deny oneself something, to make concessions, to endure, care, feel responsible and all that jazz. Films, of course, are stupid, but otherwise it doesn’t work out in any way. Otherwise, abuse, scandals and divorce, and God knows what other troubles.

    Like love, inspiration sooner or later begins to deflate, like a balloon. And this is normal. Everybody goes through it. And don’t listen when a 40-year-old millionaire in another success story talks about how he loves his job, as before, and that he still has enough enthusiasm and inspiration to stay up at night and work 7 days a week for free. This does not happen. Sooner or later, but the fuse always ends. This is where the most difficult part begins - to be able to organize yourself and others, to inspire again, and sometimes even get to work to the fullest, kick out or even throw someone, go through abuse, quarrels, disputes, resentments and still stay afloat and move on.

    No matter how strange this may sound to someone, it seems to me that not a single successful business can do without it. Only he, this most successful business, does not talk about it. He tells how everything is perfect, how inspirationally the team works, how the money rivers flow, how investors rush with their millions. And what is on the back of the coin? Thrown or dissatisfied developers, a huge red minus in the balance sheet, a lot of rash decisions, other people's money spent in the void, growing debts, constant risk, disagreement and sharing with partners, as well as family problems, ruined health and all the same last worn jeans for everything occasions of life.

    Steve Jobs is most likely just a unique person and an exception to the rule. Most (and if not to be cautious, then all 99, (9)%) successfully or at least somehow working businesses went through all this, and moreover, they go through constantly, encountering even more serious difficulties and troubles. And that is absolutely normal. One very experienced and successful entrepreneur once told me: the main thing that distinguishes an entrepreneur from others is a strong will. This statement may seem too banal or pathos, but I think it is worth at least listening to it.

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