Siclum Supports First DrupalCafe This Year

    In joining the words of our and your friends, we want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming 2012 New Year! We wish you success and a lot of new knowledge, in the acquisition of which we will always help you as far as we can! To do this, you just need to periodically go to our habr-blog and choose interesting events for you.

    And we will start this year by supporting the organization and organization of the first DrupalCafe this year (it’s the 13th since the inception of DrupalCafe in Ukraine), which will be held on January 12 in our office in SkyPoint on the 20th floor with a picturesque view of Kiev from our cozy office

    Admission to the event is free with pre-registration.

    Event plan:
    1. "Entity API" - Yuri Gerasimov . The topic level is professional. Knowledge is required - Drupal, PHP, MySQL.
    2. "Parsing Pages" - Maxim Belushkin . The topic level is professional. Knowledge Required - PHP.
    3. “Searching for vulnerabilities in code” - Vlad Savitsky . The topic level is professional. Knowledge is required - Drupal, PHP, MySQL.
    4. Questions & Answers - answers to questions of novice Drupalists. Level - beginner.

    Date : January 12
    Start : 19:00
    Location : Kiev, Amosova, 12 - Office building Horizon Park Business Center. DrupalCafe will be held on the 20th floor of the second building of the business center, the map can be found here.
    The broadcast will be at the following link

    If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the DrupalCafe coordinator Vyacheslav Lynx

    About Siklum company
    We always try in Siklum support and organize meetings, camps, community work days and other events of various professional developer communities. For example, we supported DOU STARTUP MIXER , User Experience Camp ,Zend Framework Day , Chrome Hackathon & Contest and Alt.NET meet-up in Kiev, OpenTalk seminar in Kharkov and many other events in the cities of Ukraine, as well as in Belarus (for example, in Minsk )

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