Samsung released three cameras with Wi-Fi

    Wireless is becoming more common, in this case, Wi-Fi is implied. Wireless modules now equip devices like refrigerators, flat- screen TVs, irons , thermometers, and even toothbrushes. Now the ranks of devices with Wi-Fi replenished immediately with three camera models from Samsung. By the way, quite a long time ago memory cards with a wireless module went on sale. These cards have not become very common, for a variety of reasons. But cameras are another matter.

    Cameras equipped with Wi-Fi are more likely to become popular than memory cards. In any case, Samsung thinks so. The developers of this company presented three models of cameras equipped with a wireless module at once: WB850F ($ 379), WB150F ($ 229) and ST200F ($ 199). This entire range was presented at the notorious CES exhibition. Thus, the owner of such a device can immediately send photos or videos to Flickr or YouTube.

    In addition, the company introduced its own cloud data warehouse, calling it AllShare Play. It seems that the creation of such services is now the “last resort” among IT companies, manufacturers of various devices and others. Samsung's cloud storage offers the user an accessible volume of 5 GB (it seems that this is already the standard), and AllShare Play is “sharpened” for the specified camera models, although this service can be used just like that.

    Interestingly, in addition to Wi-Fi, the older model, WB850F, is also equipped with a GPS module that allows you to create geolocation tags for pictures. This allows you to use the POI function. Unfortunately, this particular model will only be available in April this year, while the WB150F will be available later this month, and the ST200F will appear in February.


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