Acer introduced its own "cloud", AcerCloud

    As always, at CES, various companies present their own developments, sometimes interesting, sometimes not very, but almost always unexpected. So, Acer decided to introduce its own cloud service, which received the easily predictable name AcerCloud. This service, according to developers, was created for owners of devices from Acer, and allows you to easily share content between devices of different types.

    AcerCloud is basically “sharpened” under the automatic exchange of photos and documents between different devices. True, there is a time limit for storing files in the cloud - 30 days. The archive of files is constantly stored on the main "medium" - on a laptop or desktop, and not in the cloud.

    The service works as follows. For example, a user takes something with the camera of their phone from Acer. The photo automatically gets to a service called PicStream, from where the same photo is sent to the desktop, laptop or any other device from Acer. It is interesting that at the moment the mobile cloud client is only for Android, there is no client for the iPhone and is not expected, but the application for Windows Phone is being prepared.

    Sharing documents between different devices is similar to sharing photos. There is also an application that allows users to listen to or even download music and video from the cloud. In this case, there is no 30-day limit on file storage. According to the developers, users can access files on their PC at any time through the application for a mobile phone. Even if the PC is in standby mode, files are still available. The service works simultaneously with local and virtual data storage, so information is always available.

    Via mashable

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