January 16 Mandriva may be declared bankrupt

    Despite the fact that recently released the Mandriva Linux 2011 distribution, things are not going well with the company. In fact, if there is no acceptable solution satisfying both the shareholders and the management of the company, then Mandriva will declare bankruptcy on January 16th. Generally speaking, this situation is not new to developers, since several years ago Mandrake Soft, which was developing Mandriva's forerunner, Mandrake Linux, found itself in a similar situation.

    According to analysts, the company now has two main problems. The first is the lack of a “firm hand” in the leadership, and the second is financial difficulties, which are partly a consequence of the first problem. The situation is further aggravated by company shareholders who do not want to take a number of measures proposed by management.

    As mentioned above, if no one comes up with a week and no action is taken, then Mandriva does not expect anything good. January 16 will have to declare bankruptcy of the company, well, and after that - start carrying out bankruptcy proceedings, usual in such situations. In principle, even if the worst-case scenario is implemented, Mandriva will still not die, because at the end of 2011, some developers decided to start releasing their own Mageia distribution.

    In 2010, the company experienced similar problems, but then it was saved by a group of new investors. Now, it seems, there will be no more saviors. It is worth noting that Mandriva has long been recognized as one of the best Linux distributions, according to DistroWatch. Now, however, Mandriva dropped to 12th place. But Mageia is two places higher, ranking 10th.

    Via pcworld

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