New device helps detect sleep disturbance

    Some people have nervous system disorders that lead to sleep disturbances. In addition, third-party factors can sometimes interfere, which are not always definable. The result - fatigue in the morning, constant lack of sleep and other problems associated with the main one. The other day, Zeo introduced an unusual device that, according to company representatives, should help determine sleep disorders and establish a sound, healthy sleep.

    The device is called Zeo Mobile, and is priced at $ 99. This device when using should be worn on the head, at bedtime, by itself, and not after. During sleep, the device will read the necessary information to determine the "quality" of sleep, including the various stages of the sleep phase. The developers have provided special applications for processing the data received by the device. Data is transferred to a mobile device (iOS or Android), and the user can clearly see what and how.

    Data is transmitted wirelessly (Bluetooth). The idea, as you can understand, is not bad. Even if the “patient” himself doesn’t figure out what's what, the attending physician will certainly be able to give a couple of valuable tips based on the data provided by Zeo Mobile. True, sleeping can be difficult with a strap and a device on your head. After all, not everyone sleeps on their backs all night. But maybe Zeo Mobile will not really bother.


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