Well, a very protected IStorage datAshur flash drive

    On Habré more than once or twice already published news about flash drives, the data on which are in relative safety. There is also hardware, if I may say so, protection (a flash-cryptex example), and software, in the form of the AES encryption standard. In general, it’s hard to come up with something else besides what has already been invented in terms of protecting USB flash drives. But iStorage has recently proposed another interesting solution.

    The new model of the protected flash drive is called IStorage datAshur. The information here is protected, first of all, by the encryption standard, which is also used by the military - this is 256-bit AES. In addition, in order to access the information stored on this medium, you must correctly enter the PIN (alphanumeric, from 7 to 15 characters). The flash drive supports several levels of access, including root and guest, so to speak, access.

    An interesting feature is the ability to instantly destroy all user data. Manufacturers also provided protection against enumeration of combinations, i.e. The flash drive is protected from Brute Force. According to the manufacturers, the device is compatible with all popular operating systems, and additional drivers for operating systems are not required.

    Of course, the flash drive is also protected from accidental damage, it is shockproof and waterproof. Interestingly, the cost of the carrier is not particularly high, as one might suggest. The IStorage datAshur range includes three models, with 4, 8 and 16 GB of memory. The cost of the carrier, respectively, is 39, 59 and 79 euros.

    Via istorage-uk

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